Vicki’s Wedding Wish

It’s my mums 64th birthday on Sunday but it’s the first one where she won’t be answering the doorbell to a big bunch of flowers or opening her cards and saying thank you to each and every one of her five children and eight grandchildren.

I miss my mum desperately but I appreciate every single day since she closed her eyes for the last time eight months ago. I’d been thinking this way for a year or so before she died so I had the chance to say what I needed to say and let go (although it still hurts when you have to finally say goodbye).

So, we don’t have forever….some of us might only have a few months or even days. People always say “your mum was 63, that’s no age!”. Perhaps not, but cancer doesn’t care whether you’re 2 or 72.

This is true for my old friend Vicki. Well……I say ‘old’ but Vicki (below) is only 34 and was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2015.

Unfortunately the treatment that has helped prolong her life is no longer working and it’s just a matter of time until we have to say a very sad goodbye to this beautiful spirit.

Vicki marries her beloved Jason in Hastings on 25th August 2017. She will be joined by all her friends and family including their three gorgeous and adored children – Darcey who is 11, Emily 9 and Joshua who is just 6 years old.

This date just happens to be the same day Boyzone play a concert on Hastings Pier. As Vicki is a huge fan, we’ve been trying to contact the band for a few weeks now but we’re not getting anywhere with busy agents, unanswered emails etc. So we’re asking everyone reading this to help contact the band or the guys individually.

Vicki’s wedding reception is happening just 2 mins away from Hastings Pier. Could Ronan, Keith, Shane and Mikey pop in and help make an amazing memory for all Vicki’s family to keep especially through the really tough times to come in the next few weeks. This would be the most incredible gift to Vicki and her husband-to-be and their little ones!

So with only a few days to go until the big day……we need you to contact the band TODAY on social media using the hashtag #vickisweddingwish and link to this blog so they know what we’re trying to do for Vicki.

Please share this post with all your friends and family asking them to do the same. Here’s where you can find the boys:













They’re all on Facebook too including

I’m @sharonpavey on twitter if you are connected with the band and want to contact us direct to make Vicki’s wish come true! You can also leave Vicki a message of support on here and keep up to date with the campaign. Thank you so much xxx

Update on what happened (2021)

I managed to get hold of the band and arranged a meet up with Vicki & Jason on their wedding day. Sadly Vicki is no longer with us now but I don’t think she’s very far away looking over her precious family.

“Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.” John Updike

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