Tetrapak Recycling in East Devon

My little boy finished off the orange juice this morning, showed me the carton and said “Can we recycle this Mummy?” What a clever 4 year old!!! Now I know our kerbside collection doesn’t include juice cartons so I used www.recyclenow.com to look up how and where we could recycle drinks cartons here in East Devon. Cartons are now collected by over 370 local authorities across the country, which equates to 86 per cent of UK and Guernsey local authority areas.

Recyclenow advised me to use www.tetrapakrecycling.co.uk. I used the Where Can I Recycle button at the top of their site to look up where cartons are collected in my area and found this info below:

Picture 1The nearest place for us is Honiton so we’ve started a collection of tetrapaks. Now we just need to work out what to do with the plastic milk bottles!! Anyone?

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  1. Thanks Alan – I just need to find more space in my house now for all the different boxes – plastics, cartons, cans, glass etc !! Not sure what people do who don’t have the space for all those different recycling boxes/storage?

  2. I know! The trouble is if its made to cumbersome or complicated then the general public won’t bother and it#’ll go to landfill. Its also strange how it changes from council to council, Torbay Council don’t do a doorstep collection for glass! Now that is strange

  3. We live in South Hams, and there are tetrapak recycling collection points, all of which are so far away that quite frankly, I won’t be doing it. I’d have to do a round trip of at least 30 miles or use a ferry. Oh well, at least they collect plastic bottles.

  4. Hi Jackie – I’ve emailed you about the South Hams Green party, not sure if you are a member yet, but I’m sure they could do with your support to lobby the local councils to collect more of your recycling.

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