Sponsored Bike Ride

The South West Green Party raised over £300 on Saturday 8th October with a sponsored bike ride & walk along the canal in Exeter. The funds will go towards the campaign to get a Green MEP elected in the South West.

bike ride group
From left: Tris & Rob Woodland from Bridgwater Greens, Lizzie Woodman from Exeter Green Party, me in the pink scarf and my nine year old Natasha & Adam (Lizzie's son) on far right

The weather was much better than expected and we did about ten miles from the Quay right down past the Double Locks pub to the Turf and back again.

Natasha having a break at the ferry crossing to Topsham
Rob & Tris took the ferry over to Topsham
Rob & Tris took the ferry over to Topsham
Adam & Lizzie taking a break
A lovely place to enjoy some free time, either walking or cycling. We saw lots of wildlife along the way - herons, cormorants, dragonflies, ducks and lots of swans


Tasha enjoying a hot chocolate at The Turf
Tasha enjoying a hot chocolate at The Turf
On the way back to Exeter
On the way back to Exeter



Back on the train on the way home!
Back on the train on the way home!

2 Replies to “Sponsored Bike Ride”

  1. What a splendid effort from all of you! And some excellent photos of a lovely part of Devon and the ancient and historic Exeter Canal.
    Did you know this was the first Pound Lock canal built in this country – circa 1575 – and was constructed by the merchants of Exeter in order to by-pass the weir built by Countess Isabella de Fortibus (hence Countess Wear!) to force ships to off-load at her port of Topsham.
    And just think; Exeter City Council wanted to fill this in in the 1960’s and make it into a road!!
    We always have to keep a close eye on what local councils are planning. Fill them with Green Party councillors say I.
    Keith C.

  2. Didn’t know it was that old Keith. It was the first time I’d been there and I was completely impressed – it really is a gem of a place for Exeter folk. We’ll be taking the kids over many times from now I’m sure for bike rides, walks and picnics along there. And how wonderful to enjoy such a place AND raise £300 for the Green Party – win win win!!!

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