Sleeping on the streets

When you are all tucked up in bed nice & cosy next Wednesday evening (29th Feb), think of me! I will be sleeping on the streets in Honiton overnight – for Honiton Food bank. The food bank is a local store of non-perishable food operated by volunteers from churches in and around Honiton. It is made available to those who are in ‘food crisis’ – they have no food and no money with which to buy food.


I started raising funds yesterday and have over £60 so far, thanks to some very kind people. Let’s get a couple of hundred at least. The staff from the Midweek Herald are doing it too so between us, we have the potential to raise an awful lot and help all those people here in our town who struggle to feed themselves and their families, especially in this challenging economic climate. In the five weeks since it opened, the food bank has fed 25 local families and it needs more funds to re-stock and keep going. Please spare a little money to help others – you can add a comment on here or on my facebook page pledging an amount.


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  1. I will donate £5.00 too. sorry tis not a lot but I am struglgign to afford food myself! Let me know how I get it to you and good Luck.

  2. Thanks Anya & Claire – I’ll get it done first then we can sort out how to get the cash over ‘ere. Cheer’s m’dears – we’re up to £109 now.

  3. Well done Sharon and Belinda, etc £10 pledged.
    i agree but the problem goes to the heart of official policies. Failure to solve the endemic problems of housing for all groups. Do you know we now build less than 20,000 units whereas throughout the 40’s and 50’s and 60’s we were building 200,000 – 400,000
    many of which have been sold off – including to property companies (like allotments) Its the modern version of the scottish clearances and the enclosures.
    cHARITY will not solve the problem but it can and should focus on what’s wrong. Tell politicians to stop photo-shoots of pin prick efforts and address the main issues of homelessness. Lack of housing, poverty, mental ill health all of which are increasing.

  4. Hi Sharon I really respect what you are doing, I’ll add £5- give it to you on Saturday

  5. HUGE thanks to Rosie & Paula – £256 now. I’ve packed my bag, got my sleeping bag ready and I’m off out shortly. There is a group of us – I’m not on my own (quite a few people have asked me that so don’t worry). An enormous thank you to everyone who has graciously said yes when they’ve been asked to support this incredibly worthwhile project. I’ve done a few crazy things for charity in my time but the special thing about this is that it is about the people here in my town, literally on my doorstep – people who (unbelievably I know) cannot afford to eat or feed their families….night all x

  6. Thank you to everyone for helping – I raised £266 and the team as a whole over £500 for one miserable cold night sleeping round the back of the co-op in Honiton!!

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