Old attitudes will not save the planet


Recovery must not based on the ‘old- school madness’ of economic growth, said Roger Creagh-Osborne, pictured above.

Mr Creagh-Osborne has been selected to fight the South East Cornwall seat for the Green Party in the next General Election.

“We face really tough challenges over the next 10 years as we grapple with the effects of resource depletion and pollution of our world,” he said.

“We can fix these things, but it requires a radically different approach and the Greens are the only group offering a viable alternative to an impossible pursuit of business as usual.

“People are hungry for a change, and we can offer a real alternative.”

Mr Creagh-Osborne is well known in the city and in Cornwall for his campaigning on transport issues, especially through rail user groups.

He was influential in bringing the Transition Town movement to South East Cornwall through Saltash Environmental Action.

Mr Creagh-Osborne has lived in the area since 1985 and his three daughters attended local schools.

He has been a member of Landulph Parish Council since 2007 and works at the University of Plymouth.

“I believe in the potential for a viable future on our beautiful planet, and a society built on equality and natural justice,” he said.

“These are the core values of the Green Party and a vote for any party offering a ‘recovery’ to old-school economic growth-based madness is a truly wasted vote.”

Mr Creagh-Osborne stood for election to the European Parliament in June last year. In Cornwall the Greens came fourth, beating Mebyon Kernow and Labour into fifth and sixth places.

Greens will be standing in four of the six Cornish constituencies.

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