New Website for Membury


Did you know the little Devon parish of Membury is getting a brand new website? Did you know it already has a website? I found it the other day – from reading the quarterly parish newsletter The Membury Mercury.

The current website is part of the local channel and is called Welcome to Membury. The new site is being built by David Dodd and Rob Spencer and is hoped to be up and running in February 2010. I’ve offered to add some blogs to it about local ‘green’ issues in the parish.

Interesting things I found on the Membury website include:

1. Membury derives its name from the Anglo-Saxon Maenbeorg (strong fort) and appears as Maaberia in the Domesday Book. Artefacts from the Stone Age have been found and Membury Castle, an iron age fort, provides evidence of early settlement.

2. There’s a long list of all the Membury clubs, groups and societies – click here.

3. The Parish Council minutes are on there but nothing recent and no details about meetings planned for 2010, which I’d quite like to know. See here.

Looking forward to the new & improved site…
Photo Credit – bazzadarambler

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