Meeting The Exeter Green Party

I went over to Exeter today to visit the Exeter Green Party stall outside Boots on the High Street. I’m on the right of Isaac Price-Sosner who is the Local Party Contact for Exeter. Paula Black is on the left and is a Green Party County Councillor representing Totnes and Rural in South Devon. Paula is also running for the UK national elections in 2010. She is a prospective parliamentary candidate for the Green Party for the city of Exeter….so it was a really lovely unexpected surprise to meet her today. If you’d like to know more about Paula’s life since becoming a Green Devon county councillor in summer 2009 – click here to read her blog. I have read it and it’s very a very honest and personable account of what the role of a county councillor involves.

Isaac was a great help with advice for the new East Devon Green Party group – which is officially forming on Saturday 16th January in Sidmouth (click here for details of the meeting) and he might even be able to come over to Sidmouth to help us get started, which would be wonderful.

Thanks guys – great to meet you & I’m sure we’ll meet again soon.

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