On the Buses!

Planning my journey this Saturday to the Green Party meeting on the coast in sunny Sidmouth (fingers crossed!)

Wanted to share the Traveline South West website with you as I’ve found it really useful. I’ll have to walk 4.4 miles to get to the nearest bus stop but once there, I’ll take two buses which is supposed to take about an hour.

Only snag is the change time in between the buses is just 6 minutes so high probability I’ll miss that then I have to wait an hour for the second bus making the whole journey take 2 hours – add on about an hour and a half walking time (in the snow!) we’re looking at 3.5 hrs worst case scenario. 2.5 hrs if my buses are on time and I manage to change!

You can see why cars are the easy option for most people can’t you – a car journey from here to Sidmouth is 16.9 miles and would take 34 mins!