37 Birthday Comments…please!

babysharonIt’s my 37th birthday on Thursday 28th January 2010 & I would love to receive 37 birthday comments on this NEW blog for all things green & wonderful…

…only RULE is that each comment has to be about something GREEN !!!

Share a green tip, or refer us to an eco website, or tell us about a green group or something YOU are actively doing to make a difference!

This would make me a very happy birthday girl – thank you everyone!

….and if you want to give me a really special birthday gift – our local Green Party group needs to raise £500 so I can (hopefully) stand as a parliamentary candidate here in East Devon (did you know you have to pay £500 for the pleasure of standing for election!!!).

new yrs day 2010Click here to contact me to find out where you can post your donation to – I can then give you the details of our treasurer.

THANK YOU !!! Sharon

Then & Now: photograph at the top circa 1974 in fetching (cloth!) nappy & photo at the bottom New Years Day 2010 on Lyme Regis beach with Chilli.

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  1. Happy 37th Birthday Sharon! I shall be enjoying mine very soon too so I feel this is obviously a special age! 🙂

    Our green commitment is that we have decided as a family to try not to let any new plastics in to the house over 2010. It seemed like a no-brainer to try and reduce our consumption and therefore our waste, but the more we get in to it the more we realise just how hard it is to be an “average” consumer and avoid plastics.

    The original inspiration for this came from here – http://www.less-plastic-pledge.com and we have started our own blog recording our successes, failures and top tips here: http://www.2seven.co.uk/greenish.

    Thank you for inspiring us with your own green observations and ideas – here’s to no plastic presents and magical 37th year on the planet!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Something green? Well I could tell you about my own business which sells ethical, green and sustainable solutions to various things…. Ethics Trading sells soap nuts and paper potters and tea, amongst other things.

    Or I could tell you about my books on Smashwords where e-books use no paper, no postage or delivery miles as it’s all electronic.

    But my biggest tip is to find one thing, just one thing that you can change and do a bit greener and then do it. Just one. Then when that’s a habit and you’re used to it, find another one thing. You might start using a different brand of tea, or free range eggs, or get your meat from a local butcher – but find something and make a change, make a difference.

  3. Well .. we are only a small business (4 staff) but we try to recycle whereever possible and take it to the local recycling centre.
    We also recycle print cartridges etc.
    Not really recycling but we gather in all old stamps from envelopes and send them to Guide dogs for the blind!

    Happy birthday!

  4. Hi Sharon,

    Cant believe we will be 37 this year. That makes it 20 years since we used to sit and gossip in the Arts Centre in Darlington!

    I always recycle clothes and anything unwanted that is reuseable on our local Freecycle, or Freegle as its called in Newcastle. Most places have them. Helps to stop landfill sites getting any fuller.
    Great to recycle and a fab way to make new friend networks!

    Enjoy your day, Sharon and I wish you every success with becoming a local councillor!


    Claire xxx

  5. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday! I will be joining you this summer at the grand old age of 37- but I still feel about 14! Scary really!!

    About being green- I am a keen recycler, and one of my New Year resolutions is to recycle in a more organised way!

    I am so pleased Devon County Council are going to start collecting plastic from March and are introducing a new box scheme. Hopefully it will be good.

    Take care love Alicex

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sharon, I just happened to pick up the Ottery Pulman’s yesterday and look where it’s brought me! I’ve tried to be ‘green’ for a long time and am still learning and trying to pass it on to others (including my children).

    I’ve discovered slugs are just as good at shredding as machines. (Hand or electric). I’ve signed up to 10:10 this year….. now for the action!

    It’s so good to hear The Green Party is strengthening.
    I hope you get your 37 comments!
    Ana, Ottery St Mary

  7. Happy birthday to you. (I saw your request on Twitter – will retweet)
    Only 37? That’s nothing! Have a great day.
    This message forwarded from Greenpeace: have you heard of the Chagos Islands? they could be the next big thing in Marine Reserves. Go to http://www.protectchagos.org to see how you can help to protect them.

  8. Dear Sharon,

    Happy birthday!! I wish you all the best and hope you will enjoy your wonderful day.

    I am your green fan! 🙂



  9. Oh wow – what a great start!

    Thank you Sam – you’ve reminded me to write a blog about plastics – I was reading about the terrible cancer causing stuff baby’s bottles are made of yesterday!

    Thank you my twitterfriend Sarah – you know I love your Ethics Trading webshop, keep up the good work.

    Hi Jayne – thanks for reminder about print cartridge, I must check what Dan does with our old ones…

    Ali – it’s great to see a recycling shop in Honiton isn’t it – I bought a gorgeous retro red clock from there last week! Thanks for coming on here & yes – 37 whole yrs!! xxx

    Claire – blimey the things we used to natter about when we were 17….ok ‘boys we used to natter about’ !!! Thank you for your msg, Freecycle is genius isn’t it. lots of love xxx

    Alice – thanks for your comment & yes really great to see Devon council doing more. I know what you mean about feeling younger but I’m glad I don’t worry about things as much as I used to back then. See you at school.. xxx

    Thanks Ana – I will get my 37 comments – you watch!! I like a challenge and like achieving them even more. I’ve climbed ridiculously high mountains, jumped out of planes & grown & given birth to two babies so 37 comments ‘aint gonna be a problem !!

    Thanks for the info on the Chagos Islands Becky – I will check it out, thanks for comment.

    Alena – I am YOUR green fan! Thanks for message xxx

  10. Happy 37th birthday…. I didn’t realise you were that much older than me lol. I hope you have a fantastic day in a Green wonderland!

    My Green comment…. well it’s more of a rant if thats okay…. I am really pleased that Ealing Council has introduced recycling bags for glass, plastic, tins, cardboard etc as it makes it so much easier to recycle and be green….. but if only Tunbridge Wells Council could do the same – admitedly they have recently improved with home collection of tins, plastic and cardboard/paper – but why oh why can they not collect glass? Why do I have to get in my car, polute the world and drive to the dump to be green?

  11. Happy Birthday for next week!
    Green tip – we ALWAYS use the blue bags/canvas/hessian bags when shopping and never put fruit and veg in those little plastic bags.

    I book share with friends – so that books are passed around our group. Also gives us great things to talk about.

    We give unwanted items to charity shops (like my childen’s toys/books/clothes) that they have outgrown, so that someone else might enjoy them.

    Enjoy your birthday. best wishes

  12. Hey Sharon,

    It’s over 20 years now that we’ve been best friends and being green has always been something close to both of our hearts (even if we didn’t realise it back then).

    We’ve always been into recycling: we bought all our gear from second hand shops and customised it well before people thought it was a trendy thing to do. We were veggie activists: remember all those demos and marches we went on. We loved our bikes, cycling absolutely everywhere.

    We have both grown up believing that having stuff isn’t what it’s all about. Believing in something is much more important.

    As Paul A. Samuelson said “The problem is no longer that with every pair of hands that comes into the world there comes a hungry stomach. Rather it is that, attached to those hands are sharp elbows.

    We really need to stop being so selfish and start thinking about the next generation.

    I hope things go well with the green party. The Melksham Climate Friendly Group supports you all the way.

    Have a lovely birthday! We’ll hopefully see you soon.


  13. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you’ve had a terrific day!
    Good Luck with your candidacy, hope you win.
    Something green=
    I’m a wildlife painter who concentrates on endangered species, so that people can see what might be lost. If they don’t know what a creature looks like, how can they care if it disappears?

  14. Happy birthday!! I wish you all the best and hope you have a wonderful day.

    Good luck for your Candidacy.

    Donna xx

  15. A day late Happy Birthday!

    I hope you had a completely wonderful day. Good luck with your candidancy – thats a big job.

    Green…. well I suppose the biggest thing is the fact that I cannot drive and therefore have no car and walk as far as I can. If possible use trains or buses to share the routes with others. I am a huge supporter of Recycling, Fairtrade, local produced product and trying to lower my carbon footprint!

    Hope that was enough green thoughts!!!


  16. Happy Birthday Sharon my lovely big sister!!!!! Enjoy your day, didn’t realise you were 37 – you still look 30. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Happy Birthday hunny xxxx
    Something green? well that’s the colour of my face right now as I’m not too well lol. But seriously? We’ve taught our children how to recycle – they’re in charge of it now.:-)

  18. Happy birthday! I am 37 and 14 months 🙂

    My something green is becoming vegan as my little contribution to reducing the greenhouse gases produced by animal agriculture. And for my daughter’s 4th birthday next month I’m going to buy bunting made from recycled material and make my own paper chains from recycled wrapping paper!

    Have a wonderful day – Sarah xxx

  19. Happy Birthday,

    37…I know, scary! Like Maz and Claire, reminders of the old days.

    All things green: limit the amount of plastic you use, recycle any plastic bottles you do use and remember to take the lids off, otherwise could be wasting the effort. Buy locally – check yer labels! Look out for ethically produced clothing, don’t buy into fast fashion but invest in well made good quality that doesn’t need taking to the charity shop after 3 wears. Check out websites and books on all things green. Visit farmers markets and think about clothes swapping parties. Try to buy shampoo etc without sodium lauryl sulphate. Buy cleaning products without nasties in them. Limit the amount of water you use, choose your washing cycle carefully. Wrap up in the house instead of cranking the heating up. Let kids walk to school if possible, parental traffic is terrible for the environment – what a difference during school holidays.

    A few things to consider!

    Sharon, would love to help out – just say the word! Mwah xx

  20. Happy Birthday!

    I’m a @tishtashtoys follower, but our green plan for 2010 is that we are now using our local butcher for our meat, because I am so sick of the plastic containers from the local supermarket.

    We already love the farmers market for fruit & veg to avoid the plastic mess that supermarkets love to wrap things in.

    Well enjoy your birthday.

  21. Andy – Have you asked Tunbridge Wells Council why they do not take your glass? Email them, or your local MP. You can make them change!

    Becky B, Jackie, Maebh & Coistycat (Donna B) – thank you for birthday wishes & tips.

    Marieke – my best friend, I love you so much x

    Brenda – UK Aware 2010 looks great, good luck.

    Angelfish42 – I don’t drive either! It does make you walk, cycle, bus it more!

    Samantha – thank you little sis, very flattering. I put my youthful looks down to being vegetarian for 25 years!

    seriouslykooky – hope you feel better soon & my two little ones take care of the recycling too!

    MrsMisfit – congrats on being vegan, I’m shifting that way!

    Andrea – loads of tips! Fab. Do you want to manage my campaign?!! Thanks for commenting on here – my oldest (but not old at all, even a little bit….!) friend xxx

    Haylee – I agree, packaging is ridiculous but if we all refuse to buy it and shift our choices they will follow, they have to!

  22. Hi Sharon,
    Happy Birthday!! I am good at recycling at home but would love to make pre-school greener so would appreciate ideas!

  23. Happy Birthday!

    My sister has been an eco warrior for years and finally I decided I had to play my part so I became a distributor for Wikaniko (pronounced we-can-eco) as my Christmas present to me – knew it was time to do something to help people all become a little greener – now trying out many of the products – the ecoclean ball for the washing machine is a must with a shelf life of 3 years it should save the environment as well as saving me about £1000 in washing powder and softener. My sister is trying out the soap nuts and my friend has targeted the deodorant stone. With so many energy saving devices and environment friendly items if everyone chose just one thing we would be making a worthwhile difference.
    I know many people will benefit from using the “Wicycle – it” FREE auction/recycling site no fees to pay!! http://wikaniko.com/Wicycle-It/index.php?un=1003344

    I have also started sending the e-cards as well.
    Apart from the large array of “green products” there is a green room where you can play some games that help people think more about our environment and there is an absolute wealth of information about becoming greener. I’m glad I have taken the first steps. I always thought it cost more to go greener but I find I am also saving money!

  24. HAppy Birthday from a Twitter follower

    My tip is never to buy wrapping paper – I keep all the kids artwork throughout the year and use to wrap Christmas and Birthday pressies.

  25. Sharon Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy your special day.

    Let’s get more people using freecycle. Hope that’s green enough.


  26. Happy 37th Birthday – Yeah – I’m 37 this year too – great year 1973 🙂

    From Twitter sarahwalters99

  27. Happy Birthday Sharon and well done on getting the Green Party candidacy. A few green thoughts for you – cycle/bus/walk don’t drive, grow your own food and buy less stuff. Think about energy use in everything we do. Have a read of this book -http://www.withouthotair.com/ – very enlightening.

  28. Happy birthday!

    Top Tip – recycle all the postage stamps from your birthday cards and send them to Hospiscare who can sell them to raise funds to care for local people – double-whammy of goodness!

  29. Abi – we need to ask Kerry to add a green policy to the agenda for the pre-school meeting next week, that’s the way to get started!! Thanks for birthday wishes. x

    Jan – thanks for recommending ecoutlet.

    Lyn – I use soapnut shells & a deodorant stone, they’re great!

    Wendy – great idea for make-your-own wrapping paper.

    Julie – you’ve just reminded me – I cleared out the garage last weekend & have a TV stand to stick on freecycle!

    Sarah – yes 1973 !! The Vietnam war ended, a recession began in Europe, the World Trade Center in New York became the tallest building in the world, IRA bombs exploded in London and Manchester, Elvis Presley’s concert in Hawaii is watched by over a billion people live worldwide, the first handheld cellular phone call is made by Martin Cooper, who conceived the phone, in New York City, the House of Commons voted against restoring capital punishment by a margin of 142 votes. Betty Grable, Bruce Lee, J R R Tolkein, Noel Coward, Pablo Picasso died and Juliette Lewis, Peter Kay, Monica Seles, David Blaine and…..me were born in 1973.

    James – I don’t drive either, which is actually a big problem living in a very rural area, so part of my local East Devon Green Party policy must be better rural public transport! I do cycle though – 8 miles into town (then drop dead!! LOL)

    Tim – Thanks for birthday wishes, congrats & tips. Will look at the book you suggested. Keep it green in NZ x

    Amy – thanks for tip with stamps x

  30. Happy Birthday Sharon!

    Green tips? Erm… not sure. We have offset our co2 from the website through http://www.coco2.org/

    And I am currently in discussions with my sister for a recylcling swap. Exeter Council will collect Card and Plastic, Taunton will collect Cans and Glass so if we swap with each other we will be hugely reducing our landfill contribution.

  31. Hi Sharon!

    Happy Birthday! I’d recommend as a useful tip trying to recycle batteries – I used a handy battery recycling finder tool I found on the web which uses your postcode to find a local recycling spot.

    You can also buy battery rechargers which work with normal batteries and of course you can buy rechargeable batteries too. Another good tip is to try and cut down on the amount of battery powered toys and gadgets you buy, and look at alternatives like solar powered toys or wind up radios. My site Mimimyne has a wide selection of eco toys for children but there are wonderful things on many sites – enjoy searching!

    Many thanks, Tabitha Potts

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