Woodland Trust Election Campaign

sunbeams-through-woodlandAs a candidate at the general election I believe that creating new woods and planting trees is a priority if we are to tackle challenges such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, wildlife loss, improving public health – both physical and mental – and shaping places where people want to live, work and spend their leisure time.

I will promote the creation of new native woods and trees by:

1. Committing to working for the expansion of native woodland cover throughout the duration of the next Parliament.

2. Contacting my party leader and asking them to adopt the Woodland Trust’s manifesto as a basis for expanding, enhancing and protecting the natural environment.

3. Ensuring that native woods and trees are high on the agenda at the election by publicising my support for the Woodland Trust’s manifesto.

You can find more information on the Woodland Trust on their website http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk

WoodpeckerThank you to everyone who has sent me a link to this campaign, asking me to support it. It’s my pleasure as I have always loved woodland areas, both in Devon and in the north east where I grew up. I’m very fortunate that where I live now there are lots of woods and one of my favourite sounds when walking my dog is the woodpecker. I spend a lot of time trying to find where the industrious ‘chip chip chip’ sound is coming from (often failing!) and when I’m really lucky they come to feed at the bird table in my garden – and here’s one I photographed on my lawn.

Other delights I’ve seen recently in the woods of East Devon are a mischevious litter of fox cubs who didn’t realise I was there and a splendid dashing kingfisher just last week. We also like to go deer spotting with our two young children and we are looking forward to seeing the incredible carpets of bluebells in our local woods very soon. Here’s a picture I took last spring.


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