Who are the Parliamentary General Election Candidates for East Devon in 2010 ?

The 2005 General Election saw five political parties represented:

Hugo Swire – Conservatives won for his second term with 23, 075 votes. This was 46.9%.

The Liberal Democrat Tim Dumper came second with 15, 139 votes and 30.7%

Then Labour’s representative James Court had 7,598 votes and 15.4%

In fourth place was Colin McNamee of UKIP with 3,035 votes and 6.2%

Christopher Way (Independent) had the lowest votes with 400 and 0.8%

This year – the prospective parliamentary candidates are as follows:

Hugo Swire – Conservatives are going for a third term

Sharon Pavey is standing for the Green Party

Liberal Democrats – nothing on their website about a candidate selected and it doesn’t look like their website is working at http://www.eastdevon.libdems.org/ either?

Labour is putting forward Gareth Manson

There may still be more to be announced as the election is yet to be called. Please add your comments below.

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  1. Though it’s often good to have Independents standing, I think it would be a great shame to split the anti-Tory vote in this case and we have an excellent and refreshingly different candidate in Sharon. She has worked extremely hard to raise the deposit and is travelling around the constituency taking time out from her busy life to listen to people and their concerns. As a mother of two running her own business she understands the pressures ordinary people face and is undogmatic in her approach to politics. Her recent conversion to the Green Party reflects a growing trend, with membership rapidly increasing throughout the South West. A lot of people are fed up with the tired old policies of the “grey” parties and Sharon’s candidacy will give us a genuine alternative – the first female Green (I believe!) to stand for East Devon in a General Election… that’s got to be worth supporting!

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