What’s your party’s position on shooting?

I get lots of questionairres and election pledges sent through and try to answer as many as possible so people can learn a bit more about me, what I believe in, what I’d change etc. I filled in some questions from the British Association for Shooting & Conservation and I am now listed on the site as ANTI-SHOOTING/HUNTING ANIMALS.

I checked the site today……….and the other 4 candidates obviously have not bothered to fill this is as there are no responses from them. Are they pro shooting or anti shooting animals, who knows? Click here to see.

2 Replies to “What’s your party’s position on shooting?”

  1. Anti shooting? That’s a shame because whilst I don’t shoot, I try to eat what I see as sustainably sourced and well treated animals. That means that venison is the only red meat available that is not subjected to herding into lorries and hauled to a distant abatoir. It’s usually dropped in a field with a single shot. Let’s agree to differ… Good luck.

  2. Thank you for the comment Simon. I think you have an interesting point about the welfare of deer compared to the intensively factory farmed livestock.

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