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I was watching Caroline Lucas – leader of the Green Party on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday and she mentioned the website VOTE FOR POLICIES where you can log on and answer question on how you would like to see the future of the UK. After the questions (which took me about 10 minutes) you are told the party your ideas are most like.

Of course mine were 100% Green Party but what’s really interesting is that the results from nearly 83,000 surveys completed are showing the Greens are way ahead. They have 28%, with Lib Dems coming second with 18% and labour next on nearly 17%. Conservatives are way down at 4th place with just 16%.

This is quite astonishing really – that the party which, certainly in the media, seems to be the underdog, actually reflects the views and ideals of the majority of the 83,000 people who have taken this survey.

Not sure who to vote for or want to check you are voting for policies you believe in – take the survey on

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