Vertical Farming – a sustainable solution to the world’s rapidly diminishing resources

I was watching the BBC news this morning and saw an interesting article on vertical farming. My ears pricked up when the farmer explained that vertical farming could be used to farm more locally.
The UK’s first vertical farmer Chris Bradford says “We can put them right inside cities close to the markets, cut down on food miles, and we can put them in warehouses, on top of high rise buildings, just about anywhere there is a usable space.

A British zoo is running a “vertical farming” trial, which could produce up to 20 times as many crops as conventional methods. Renewable energy and recycled water means the system needs only 5% of the typical amount of water, while freeing up valuable land. The system grows plants in trays of water moving on a conveyor belt.
The company behind the first trial is Valcent, based in Launceston, Cornwall, who think it will be a sustainable solution to the world’s “rapidly-diminishing resources.”

See BBC newsclip – Vertical Farming Trial

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