The Crochet Virgin! (I’ve never done it before!)

Just had a lovely morning at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton where I often take the kids for holiday arts & crafts sessions. But today was for me – I joined the Woolly Wednesdays knitting & crochet group and I’m glad I did. Apparently this week was a ‘quiet one’ with about 8 ladies mostly knitting. Three of us were crocheting – I can say ‘us’ because I have ¬†actually strung together a few stitches today and it was very satisfying & relaxing and reconnected me with my creative side – something I really do not allow enough time in my life.

My crochet creation!
My crochet creation!

I’m also into colours at the moment – colour links and spiritual synchronicity with colours. The wool I was given today is cream/ivory. This colour also came up in the spiritual circle I sit in yesterday and I bought a load of cream flowers for the garden on Monday. Quick google search shows that these colours mean elegance, calmness and purity – how lovely!

Thanks to Mandy & Hesta for helping me crochet today. The next session (open to all) is Wednesday 29th February – click here for more details. Mandy recommended the attic24 crocheting blog too which is fabulous. See you again ladies.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it,welcome to the crochet sisterhood! Hopefully see you again next month x

  2. Well Done You!! Nice work, looks very elegant, pure and calm too! It’s so important to remember to connect with your creativity isn’t it? I’m knitting Rowan some socks at the moment, but at the rate I’m going they’ll be too small by the time I’ve finished – still at least I can start again/make them longer or crotchet a hat for myself instead! Haha! xx

  3. Hello petal – me elegant, pure & calm (!!) It is very relaxing though but I need to go back to my knitting class to learn some more stitches. You’ll have to have another gorgeous baby to fill those socks eh!!

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