The Competition Challenge

I’m watching This Morning on ITV and they have a fabulous competition to win £52,000, an amazing holiday in St Lucia and a BMW X1 car. So I thought, hey, I want a bit of that and entered today.

Then I got to thinking….some people enter a lot of competitions don’t they? And some people win loads of stuff. As a dedicated Green, I don’t need loads of ‘stuff’ of course BUT since my business closed due to the recession, and life has been pretty tough financially over the past year, I think maybe I’m due a nice treat.

So – here’s the idea. What if I enter 10 competitions each day for a week. That would be 70 comps. Would I win anything? Lets give it a try.

Thursday 13th Jan: 1. This Morning Comp, 2. Marie Claire Chateaux Holiday Comp, 3. spa break Comp, 4. Selfridges Comp, 5. Loose Women Comp, 6. Dyson Comp, 7. Classic FM Comp, 8. Local library comp 9. Classic FM ipad comp. 10. @MrCrabbyCrab’s comp on twitter

Friday 14th Jan: 1. holiday comp 2. Families Online holiday comp. 3. holiday comp. 4. Adsa Seaside Break comp 5. comp 6. Ideal Home Mag Buxted Park comp 7. Ideal Home Mag Bed comp 8. Ikea Shopping spree comp 9. Canderel M&S vouchers comp 10. Park Holidays comp

Saturday 15th Jan: 1. M&S vouchers comp. 2……………..gave up as far too time consuming trying to find the competitions!!!

4 Replies to “The Competition Challenge”

  1. I love entering competitions! I always enter by end date, that way I don’t miss out on any great ones. That’s my comping top tip! Lots of luck. x

  2. Sorry, didn’t explain myself very well. I use MSE forums to find competitions (can send you a link if you like). You can sorted all the competitions by their closing date. I then enter the competitions that I fancy that close in a few days time. I find it good because you don’t have to wait too long to find out if you have won and I find it a more strategic way to enter comps and keep track.

  3. Hello Sharon,

    Great idea and post. We are glad to see that you entered our holiday prize world draw last month. We’re sorry that you weren’t our winner but we have some great news … In February we are introducing multiple entry points that significantly increase your chances of winning one of our great holidays and 1,000 pounds of spending cash. Be sure to visit us again and enter and earn points. You never know you might just our great holiday prize world winner in March! Good luck!


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