Super Savvy Vegan

I’d been itching to start something new for a little while. Anyone who knows me knows I like starting new projects. Setting stuff up. Coming up with and creating new ideas. Making changes!

Anyway – since being vegan is such a massive part of my life nowadays, I knew the ‘new thing’ would have to be related to that. I also love writing, PR and marketing so the obvious thing was a blog.

I started blogging on Super Savvy Vegan in February 2018 and now it is already 6 months later. Where does the time go?

So the initial idea for the blog was to offer money saving and cash creating ideas for vegans. A niche site really but something useful especially with the huge rise in veganism and plant-based diets lately.

I’ve been following a vegan diet for 6 years and I was vegetarian for 27 years prior. I love being a vegan blogger and get to ramble on about why I became vegan.

I’m also sharing ideas on how to get free food and the top three apps to make money from.

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