South West Green Party Councillors

The East Devon Green Party is preparing to stand for the local elections in May 2011. We wondered if the current Green councillors in the South West would like to offer our new Green Party branch some words of wisdom. Reasons why they stood for election in their areas, how they tackled the challenge, why they felt they won and the reality of being a Green councillor. Here are the green councillors in the south west.

Tess Green – Bristol

Paula Black – Devon County Council

Sarah Lunnon – Gloucestershire County Council

Tom Leimdorfer – North Somerset

Gwen Belcher – Stroud

Philip Booth – Stroud

Sarah Lunnon – Stroud

Fiona Macmillan – Stroud

John Marjoram – Stroud

Martin Whiteside – Stroud

Peter Christie – Torridge

Miranda Cox – Torridge

Alan Gorman – Totnes

Jacqui Hodgson – Totnes

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  1. I stood for election in Bristol when the only sitting Green councillor, Charlie Bolton, decided not to seek re-election last May in my ward. As a Green Partyand community activist for many years I was concerned that we could lose our only seat on the council and the chance to continue the good work on Green issues started by Charlie, so although I was worried that the challenge would be huge, I decided to have a go!
    My time as a councillor so far has been demanding, exhilarating and rewarding. Local people have consistently supported me and have been my best source of strength along with Bristol Green Partyand my long suffering family.
    I knew that several threats to my community were in the pipeline through new developments and so decided to try to join a Development Control Committee, expecting not to be able to do this if I’m honest! But it was agreed that I could and my biggest challenges have been here. When I was elected we faced the prospect of a new football stadium, a huge new supermarket (biggest in the SW), and a concrete busway, all in our local area, which is one of the most densely populated parts of Bristol, with little open or green space and poor air quality and health.
    Through local action, rejections of Planning Applications and plain good luck, we have none of these things -yet! But the fight continues.
    There are signs that local people are demanding more say in what happens in their area and when they are listened to good developments happen and bad ideas get dropped. The fight here has been hard and damaging though and we are all looking for some respite.
    My favourite parts of council work have been the Neighbourhood Partnership and also the Sustainable Development and Transport Scrutiny Commission, because I seem able to make some contributions to this work and it’s both interesting and rewarding. I still find the Quality of Life Scrutiny Commission difficult to get a hold on although some great ideas get debated here.
    The worst thing is the number of e-mails which flood in every day demanding action and clogging up the grey cells.
    Training for the role by the council has been very good and is on-going. (I attended one of the best courses ever recently and had a good laugh with fellow students most of the day while learning loads!)
    On balance I would recommend it, but it’s not for the faint hearted!

  2. Hi Tess, apologies for delay in replying & thank you for your comment. I think we met a few months ago at one of the regional meetings. Great to hear you are getting training & would recommend it.

  3. Philip Booth says:

    Examples of what I am involved in can be seen at:

    My blog has day to day discussions about my role as a councillor, community activist and more:

    For me the Green party is the only party that links policies together and understands that environmental and social justice are two sides of the same coin. However I recognise that we need to work with many others to bring about the changes we need.

    I’m happy if anyone interested wants to talk more about becoming a local councillor. Good Luck East Devon Greens! My parents live in Colyton so I know parts of the area very well and indeed have had a strong interest in some of your local issues like the developments at Seaton:

    Hope that will do – all the best – Philip

    Cllr Philip Booth, Stroud District councillor for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe ward,
    2 The Laurels, Bread Street, Ruscombe, Stroud, GL6 6EL
    Tel: 01453 755451 Email:

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