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EDGP group picWell, after weeks and weeks of hard slog – election day is almost upon us. I’ll be at The Knowle in Sidmouth with my husband Dan, the wonderful Sharon Howe and our fabulous election agent Geoff Sharples at the count, all through Thursday night into Friday morning waiting to hear how many votes we’ve achieved for the Green Party here in the Conservative heartland of East Devon !

Sidmouth StallI have been receiving good luck messages by email, Facebook and twitter so I thought I’d start off this thread so you can all add your comments below. Let’s bring together all this positive GREEN energy in one place.

Can I just take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has played a part in this election campaign – from designing the election literature, to handing out leaflets, staffing stalls, walking round in the rain (and sun!), putting posters up and putting postcards though doors. Thank you to the people who helped me prepare for the public debates, came to support them and then ferried me home afterwards! Thank you for the help writing newspaper articles, press releases and taking photos, making videos etc. Thanks for all the work involved in preparing and running our public meetings and thank you to everyone who has kindly donated money to fund our campaign. Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make our fundraising curry night (below) such an amazing success and thank you to everyone who came along, enjoyed the food, company and helped us raise £160!

Curry Night April 2010

Thank you to the East Devon Green Party TEAM, you are all superstars! – Bee, Diana, Lesley, Ana, Michael, Mark, Paul, Cathy, Cherry, Kerry, Emily, Miriam, Mike, Anya, John, Roger, Ruth, Andy and Michele. Special thanks to Geoff, who had to deal with all the reams of election paperwork and press and Sharon H for being the most wonderful support all along the way from that first coffee and chat in Honiton last Christmas! We did it!

Sidmouth Hustings
Hustings in Sidmouth

Thank you to my wonderful husband Daniel and my two children Natasha and Aleck for putting up with mummy dashing off here, there and everywhere over the past few weeks. Thank you also to my lovely mother in law Sue (aka Mum 2) for helping with the children and ferrying me about.

Thanks everyone – please add your vote to too if you have a minute.

Don’t forget to add your comment below….and if you are interested in getting involved with the local elections (even just to help) please click here to find out more.

Cathy Connor & Sharon Pavey (April 2010)
Cathy Connor (left) standing for Tiverton & Honiton & Sharon Pavey representing the Greens in East Devon

27 Replies to “Show your Support for East Devon Greens!”

  1. Hi Sharon and helpers,

    much good luck for next Thurs, I’m sure you’ll do well.

    It’s great to finally have an East Devon candidate after all these years,

    Sue Moorhouse

  2. Hi Sharon. Going to take the opportunity now to wish you the very, very best of luck for tomorrow. You ought to feel very proud of what you have achieved so far. Certainly given us Wilsons something to consider. If we don’t see you as an MP next week, hope you carry on in terms of council and/or Euros.
    Fight the good fight
    Should I stand against Phil Wilson in Sedgefield next time round? Surely my name wont next to his on ballot paper? ; )

  3. An email I received today…..

    Good afternoon,

    On behalf of CAMRA I just wanted to send you a final note to wish you the very best of luck in tomorrow’s General Election.

    Thank you again for signing up to speak up for community pubs, real ale and consumers. We hope that we have the opportunity to work with you in future to ensure a fair deal for Britain’s 15 million beer drinkers, to reform the beer tie and to promote the positive role of pubs within community life.

    We hope that you will be celebrating your success tomorrow not with champagne but with locally brewed real ale!


    Emily Ryans
    Campaigns Officer
    CAMRA, The Campaign for Real Ale
    Tel: 01727 798 447
    Mob: 07939 426 964

  4. Well, the big day is virtually upon us now. Lets hope the ‘undecideds’ and ‘unawares’ see sense when they look at their ballot papers tomorrow; realise this long-awaited opportunity is one not to be missed; give a big X to the GREENS and surprise the nation! Best of luck to Sharon, Cathy and all Green candidates.
    X Bee

  5. On behalf of The King’s School Mock Election Green Party, we wish you the very best of luck tomorrow and have a great day! Well done for campaigning non-stop in the last fortnight, and hopefully the results will be positive.

    Thanks very much for your continued support for our mock election at school and your leaflets and rosettes you provided.

  6. Hi Sharon
    You and the team have done a fantastic job! It’s great to have an active Green Party in East Devon again – thank you for making it happen.
    Best of luck for tomorrow!

  7. Go Sharon! All the best for tomorrow. We’ll be thinking of you.

    Marieke, Bill, Catrin, Keira and Zak

  8. You’ve done a great job Sharon and really put East Devon Greens on the map. Enjoy tomorrow, the Champagne’s on ice!

  9. Congratulations Sharon,

    With your drive and pragmatism you are the one candidate to help steer the country in the right direction. You are inspirational, well done.

    Michele Seymour

  10. Well done Sharon and good luck. I am miles away at present but posted my vote last week. Could not be more impressed and encouraged by your efforts and on top of that – CAMRA support you too. Onward and upward.

  11. Thank you Sharon for giving us the opportunity to vote Green Party. Good luck and very best wishes. We are going out the door right now to give you our vote.

  12. GOOD LUCK SHARON!! We’re all rooting for you. Your energy and positive spirit are infectious and it’s been a pleasure helping with your campaign. If only we had more people like you in politics – things could be so different!

  13. Well done all East Devon Green Party! Your energy and enthusiasm has known no bounds. East Devon is very lucky indeed to have such a dedicated and committed political party. In 20 years of belonging and voting Green I have never seen such inspired leadership in a local party as that shown by Sharon Pavey.

  14. Another email of support from PAD (Protecting Animals in Democracy)

    Dear Sharon

    Thank you very much for responding to the Protecting Animals in Democracy policy questionnaire.

    We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to endorse you as the best voting option in your constituency to protect millions of animals from the cruelty of bloodsports, intensive farming and painful experiments. Please feel free to announce this on your website and other media.

    We wish you the very best of luck in the General Election, and we hope we can work with you in the next Parliament to build a more compassionate society where animals are treated as individuals worthy of respect rather than expendable objects to be exploited and abused.

    Kind regards

    Dr Dan Lyons

    Protecting Animals in Democracy

    Read more here

  15. Hi Sharon,

    Hope your energy is bearing up for the final push. That you’ve taken on this challenge without formal transportation says a great deal. Hope you remain so energetic once you’re our MP!

    Have a great night.


  16. Hi Sharon,

    You have swung me from many years as an ardent Lib Dem to a definite vote for you and the Green Party today.

    Best of luck!!!!


  17. A lovely message from a friend:

    “Hi Sharon, I read all the candidates election blurbs in the press this week and thought yours was the best. You were the only one who sounded as though she might actually listen to local people and act on their wishes! A new concept in East Devon!”

  18. Hi Sharon!

    Wishing you all the luck in the world tonight. Let’s hope its a great result!


  19. Go Sharon – and the East Devon Greens! We are the future – and we’re going to protect it. It’s only a matter of time before everyone cottons on. Very best of luck from the Wiltshire Greens.

  20. Sharon,

    Thanks to Sharon and all the Greens for making this
    a great campaign and an election to remember!
    The Greens are here to stay – we’re not going away!

  21. Well done Sharon! You can all take a well earned rest now you’ve put East Devon Greens on the map. Wonderful news about Caroline – it’s a day to be proud of – and this is just the beginning!

  22. Thank you everyone – wonderful messages of support. We are here and we’re not going anywhere!! The Greens are here to stay in East Devon !!!

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