Shout from the Rooftops!


Reading the Zero Carbon Britain newsletter today….I wanted to share this with you.

We are still waiting for a vital amendment to the Energy Bill. A target to decarbonise the power sector by 2030 needs to be set. Alun James, Policy Officer for WWF Cymru says this about decarbonisation:

Even at a time when Western economies are in an economic slowdown, the World Metrological Office has announced that carbon dioxide levels have reached another new high – these are now 40% above preindustrial times. Ed Davey, Secretary Of State for Energy and Climate Change, has said that he will continue to fight for a 30% cut in emissions by 2020. That’s good news, but is the minimum we should do and we should be encouraging other countries to do the same. In fact, we should be shouting from the rooftops that we have to stop sleepwalking into a non-sustainable future where climate change will dominate our economic, environmental and social endeavours. There’s still time to change – we can all help by reducing our dependence on fossil fuel and living more sustainably – but we need to start now.”

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