Recycling in Honiton

recycling meeting - Oct 2011

Local councillors met in Honiton on Monday 31 October to discuss how to improve waste management and recycling in the town.

Although East Devon boasts a relatively high recycling rate of 50% compared with the national average of 41.2%, Sharon Pavey – Honiton Town Councillor and coordinator of the East Devon Green Party thinks there is room for improvement. So she invited East Devon District Council’s Environment Portfolio holder Councillor Iain Chubb and Recycling Champion Councillor Roger Giles over to Honiton.

Councillor Pavey is now one of 15 new ‘Recycling Champions’ on the town and parish councils in East Devon with responsibility to promote reducing waste through re-use, repairing and recycling rather than disposing of our waste in landfill*.

The new Champions will get together on 16 November to discuss how they can make a difference to the recycling picture in East Devon and also how they can help get messages to their community if waste collections are hit by snow and ice as they were last December and January.

Councillor Pavey says: “Apart from the problem of finding suitable landfill sites, Devon County Council has to pay a huge amount in landfill tax, so throwing away our rubbish really must be the last option”.

Councillor Pavey added “The weekly doorstep collection programme is going well in Honiton and now people are eager to see it extended to cardboard and plastics which will hopefully be rolled out in the next year or so if the trial in Beer is successful. In the meantime Tesco has a skip for both paper and cardboard and you can take all your washed plastic food tubs to Sutton Barton, which is not ideal but is an option not too far away and means you do not have to put plastic containers into your landfill bin”.

“There are also clothes banks and a plastic bag deposit point at Tesco, a place to donate unwanted shoes outside the sports shop in town, you can drop off used print cartridges at Dimonds and several opticians will take your old glasses and recycle them.”

* Defra stats today show that EDDC has the 6th lowest Residual household waste per household (kg/household) in England at 353.07 kgs. Also Devon as a county has the highest recycling rate at 55%.

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  1. If you’d like me to answer specific questions on recycling in Honiton please add your comments here eg (one from Rufus)

    “Is there the possibility of collecting other recyclable though perhaps not so profitable items such as cardboard and plastic containers (cream tubs, etc) rather than every household having to landfill them or take them individually to the recycling centre?”

    I put this question to Cllr Giles & Cllr Chubb. There is a trial taking place in Beer of plastics & cardboard (doorstep collection). If this proves successful, it looks like rolling it out across the whole of East Devon.

  2. Rufus also asked me “How do they feel about setting up a waste veg oil recycling centre (obviously not immediately) such as Axminster Community College have to produce biodiesel for locals?”

    I think this is one I can take to the meeting on Wednesday 16th Dec. Be good if there is a recycling champion from Axminster so we can bend their ear…

  3. Two requests!
    Firstly can you give the Grid Ref for Sutton Barton, or is this the name of the Landfill site near Ofwell?
    Secondly, can we make absolutely sure that the plastic food containers, and indeed any of the other recyclable waste, is actually is recycled and not passed along a chain eventually leading to land fill in another place/country. In the past some of our ‘recycled stuff’ has actually ended up in 3rd World Countries in dumps, as has oil and other noxious stuff.

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