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We had to cancel the stall in Budleigh Salterton this morning due to the rain. We made use of the morning though by checking out the local groups posters in Budleigh library  and putting up our meeting posters all round town. The sun came out later in the morning thank you to Tasha (pictured) aged 8 and Emily, aged 9 for being such good helpers! Next visit to Budleigh is next Wednesday evening April 7th at 7.30pm where we have a public meeting at the Temple Methodist Church Hall.  Click here for more details.

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  1. I am surprised you let a bit of rain stop you, on Saturday as it didn’t rain all day, no umbrelllas?…

    I suppose it is difficult to feel motivated when the Tories have this seat sown up but I guess it would be nice not to loose your deposit. I can’t make tonight unfortunately, although I did come down to see if you were there on Sat.

    Could you send me a couple of posters for my window as that is what I came down for and I had a few questions that I had no answer for when others were asking me what your policies were on certain issues that I wasn’t sure of.

    I hope in Budleigh you will stress your very strong stance on social issues like pensions and low pay and remember what is important to an ageing population around here. Like what is you stance on care for the elderly and the NHS?

    Many people I have spoken to think that the Green Party is ONLY about environmental issues, I think you need to show them how much more you are about.

    A meeting at the Temple Hall will probably only draw the already converted….I think it needs someone brave enough to stand outside with a magaphone and do some good old fashioned hustings! Because the media are so bad at covering minority parties many people are really confused about what the Greens stand for. I have been told some amazing reasons not to vote Green, most of which are quite incredible!

    Will you attempt the stall another day or is that it now? If so can you get some posters to:

    9 Victoria Place
    Budleigh Salterton
    EX9 6JP

    Thanks Anya Darr

  2. Hi Anya – it was lashing it down in Budleigh between 10am and 11am Saturday morning, with hardly a soul on the high street. Difficult to set up a stall as all our leaflets (which cost quite a lot of money!) would have got soaked. Two of the three of us had young children with us as well, and personally I’m not making my daughter stand in the pouring rain all morning, when like I say – there was hardly anyone around to speak to. We did however manage to put up quite a few posters. Sorry we missed you. I’ll ask Geoff to pop a couple of posters round to you. We are planning another stall in Sidmouth this Saturday morning – if we can get enough volunteers to staff the stall. Our branch only came to life in January, so more volunteers would be great, are you interested Anya?

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