Planet-Friendly Farming Bill

Robert Flello MPThe Friends of the Earth ‘Food Chain’ campaign has taken a massive step forward with the introduction of a new meat and dairy Bill in Parliament.

Robert Flello, Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent South, was the second name pulled out of the hat in the annual Private Members’ Ballot on 10 June.

Being selected so near the top of the ballot means he has a real chance of getting his Bill passed into law.

The Bill – based on the Sustainable Livestock Bill – will aim to reduce British meat and dairy factory farms’ dependence on animal feed grown in South America.

Wildlife and rainforests are destroyed so that these feeds – such as soy – can be grown. This destruction also accelerates climate change.

Government action for planet-friendly farming

The proposed new law commits the Government to action to limit the wildlife and rainforest destruction caused by animal feeds. It will also help UK farmers to thrive and ensure they are not squeezed by big business farming.

Robert Flello said “I was shocked to find out just how much a Sunday roast can cost our planet under the factory farming system. I am determined to put this right by working with Friends of the Earth and other MPs across the House to lead the drive for planet-friendly farming that doesn’t destroy wildlife, rainforests and our climate. I hope the people of Stoke-on-Trent will join me in fixing the food chain once and for all.”

Massive support

More than 30,000 people have contacted their MP to demand a fix to the broken food chain. And this widespread support is reflected in Parliament where more than 160 of current MPs have backed the campaign.

For the last few weeks Mr Flello’s constituents and those of all the MPs in the Ballot have been urging their MP to take up this Bill.

With such momentum behind it, this groundbreaking new Bill stands a great chance of becoming law and forcing real action to change the deal behind your meal.

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