East Devon Constituency

Been researching my local parliamentary constituency here in East Devon as I’m still thinking about running for the Green Party in the next General Election in spring 2010. The East Devon area covers the wards of Axminster, Beer and Branscombe, Budleigh, Coly Valley, Exmouth, Newbridges, Newton Poppleford and Hartford, Otterhead, Raleigh, Seaton, Sidmouth, Trinity, Woodbury and Lympstone and Yarty.

I think I live in the Yarty ward, but finding it extremely difficult to find this out online. The current Member of Parliament for East Devon is Hugo Swire, of the Conservative Party.

sharonpavey.org comes to life…

I’ve been blogging GREEN over on my business website recently and have thought that I needed a brand new blog dedicated purely to green, eco and environmental issues. Just this week I’ve been talking about the very first East Devon Green Party meeting which took place in Sidmouth last Saturday 12th December 2009 plus other issues on my mind like future food shortages in the UK, overpopulation of the planet and my own choice to stop at two children.

I’m also considering putting myself up for prospective parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in East Devon so this will be a site where I can plot that new and exciting journey. Hope you’ll come along for the ride.

The beautiful painting above is of a Rose of Sharon – by Barbara Kennedy & here is Barbara’s website http://barbarakennedystudio.com/