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les mis cosetteI was googling for photos from the 2016 Honiton Community College production of Les Miserables and came across my old blog post from when the school put on the show before back in 2011 – see

It was amazing back then when I went to watch it with my nine year old daughter Natasha. What makes it more amazing this year is that Natasha, now 14 is in it! She sings a duo with her best friend Finley as factory girls and they they feature in nearly every scene singing and acting their hearts out in the chorus.
I went to the opening night on Thursday and last night’s closing night where almost the whole cast were in tears – a very emotional journey for them. The whole production was a stunning ensemble effort and certain characters stood out for me. They were Inspector Javert (a student from Sidmouth College who came in at the last minute), Jean Valjean, Fantine and Gavroche. The Madame Thenardier scene with the French bread was hilarious and the orchestra were incredible – particularly the percussionist switching seamlessly from one instrument to another at the blink of an eye.
Fantine’s I dreamed a dream had me in tears on the first night and I really enjoyed Do you hear the people sing, Drink with me and Javert’s Soliliquay before he hurls himself off the bridge!
Natasha is shattered after weeks of rehearsals and four performances of Les Mis but off down to The Globe Theatre today in Plymouth for rehearsals of her next production with her Italia Conti Plymouth drama school. They’re doing The Best of British in a couple of weeks so looking forward to that. You can follow Natasha on Twitter or her blog

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