Local Election Candidates for Honiton St Michael’s

Name of Candidate Home Address Description (if any)
Names of Signatories
Proposers(+), Seconders(++) & Assentors
50 Marker Way,
Honiton, Devon,
EX14 2EN
Conservative Party
Kimbell Alan F(+)
Craig Beryl H
Lucas Angela
Chaplin Lynda M
White Stanley J
Chaplin Gordon L(++)
Lucas Richard G
Parker Nigel
Roulson Kevin G
Pentecost Carol A
17 Roundball Close,
Honiton, EX14 2NU
Independent Foster Karen(+)
Jose Jo Jo
Morgan Gemma L
Couch Philip
Bowman Deborah
Foster Karen A(++)
Burns Carol A
Morgan Scott A
Power Michael
Foster Ronald A
William Thomas Arthur
Sea View Bungalow,
Membury, Nr
Axminster, Devon,
EX13 7JT
Liberal Democrat Olive Marion R(+)
Olive Frederick C
Thompson Elizabeth M
Wigmore David L
Rideout Jane
Dyson George A(++)
Robjant Stephen G
Yuill David M
Wigmore Juliana
Waters Denis J
8 Gronau Close,
Honiton, EX14 2YT
The Labour Party
Watson Alexander J(+)
Mitchell Kevin P
Mitchell Susan A
Street John D
Eagle Clive K
Watson Carole P(++)
Cardy Mark
Groves Richard W
Graham John A
Groves John W
Eddystone, Langford
Road, Honiton,
EX14 1QA
Conservative Party
Marsh Christine E(+)
Buchanan Barry K
Dunster Elizabeth H
Jackett Elvira M
Connell Marjorie H
Patricia B(++)
Buchanan Pauline M
Pinney Kathleen M
Franks Yvonne M
Rickard Hiram D
Geoffrey Dollen
4 Cornmill Cottages,
Axminster, EX13 5XW
Liberal Democrat Dyson George A(+)
Olive Marion R
Robjant Stephen G
Wigmore David L
Rideout Jane
Yuill David M(++)
Olive Frederick C
Thompson Elizabeth M
Wigmore Juliana
Waters Denis J
59 Hazelwood Close,
Honiton, EX14 2XA
The Green Party
Pavey Daniel H(+)
Lloyd Jason
Stillwell Susan E
Pavey John G
Beigan Lisa M
Swindale Susan L(++)
Taylor Agnes O
Crew John E
Leach Emma
Beigan Peter M
John Brandon
Annexe, Beechwood,
Station Road, Feniton,
Honiton, EX14 3ED
Independent Fleming Peter(+)
Fleming Valerie
Watson Peter
Ell Alan S
Wilkins Regina C
Shorter Steven J(++)
Shorter Richmal D
Watson Patricia A
Ell Sybil J
Holtom Diane J
Swallowcliff, Beacon,
Honiton, EX14 4TT
Conservative Party
Slater Kimberly S(+)
Beament Sidney E
Lapping Judith D
Cooper Joyce A
Eastment Christine R
Grant Charles W(++)
Huggett Jeffery D
Cooper Dennis
Perryman Michelle A
Connett John T
Jonathan William
Millmead, Axmouth,
Seaton, EX12 4AE
Liberal Democrat Olive Marion R(+)
Olive Frederick C
Thompson Elizabeth M
Wigmore David L
Rideout Jane
Dyson George A(++)
Robjant Stephen G
Yuill David M
Wigmore Juliana
Waters Denis J

I’m standing for election in the Honiton St Michael’s ward – working very hard to win one of three places on East Devon District Council on May 5th. Here are all the candidates standing in Honiton St Michael’s. I had added some info about all of them but I have been told this could be interpreted as me undermining their campaigns, so I’ve deleted it all. Probably can’t accept any comments on the candidates either as that could also be misconstrued in the same way. I’m afraid you’ll all have to do your googling yourselves or hope you get some info through your door, maybe?

Sharon Pavey – The Green Party – this is me. I’m 38, a mum of two (age 9 and 5). I live in the heart of St Michael’s, I work as a care assistant and during the exam season, I’m also an exam invigilator at Honiton Community College. I’m co-ordinator for the East Devon Green Party and I’m on the regional committee for the South West Green Party. I’ve recently become a town councillor in Honiton. My politics is driven by my family. I simply want a better world for my children to grow up in. I want to be a part of a caring, thriving local community which works to make Honiton an enjoyable place to live, work and learn. Click here to find out more about me. I’m also on Facebook and twitter.

David Foster – Independent.

John Brandon Taylor – Independent.

Jonathan William  Underwood – Liberal Democrat.

Geoffrey Dollen Hucklebridge – Liberal Democrat.

William Thomas Arthur Foster – Liberal Democrat.

Susan Groves – The Labour Party.

Peter Halse – Conservative Party.

Mike Allen – Conservative Party.

Phil Twiss – Conservative Party.

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