Little things to make you feel good

I stumbled upon a brilliant blog today via @CassiefairyTutu on twitter. 31 little things to feel good is the first 2013 blog entry by Cassie Fry on her Living a Girl’s Adventure Tale blog.

Cassie talks about often getting the January blues so she’s compiled a list of things to do during the first month of 2013 to keep her feeling top-top. My January blues usually come a lot earlier – in October or November as the nights start drawing in and lack of light begins to strip me of my fairly abundant energy and positive spirit. I’ve known I suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder for quite a few years now and like Cassie try to do things to keep upbeat when the days are grey and a little drop of sunshine is hard to find.

Cassie’s list of things to make her feel good include a lot of things I really enjoy too – and if I lived anywhere near Kent (which I don’t as I’m in Devon) I think we could be good mates Cassie!

Things from Cassie’s list which I try to do too are:

walk in the park

Take a stroll along the prom or in the park

Sing a song (hairbrush optional)

Wear red lipstick

Drink lots of water

Go see some art – something fun!

Eat chocolate in a big bubble bath (one of my absolute favourite things to do!)

Hug someone

Book gig or theatre tickets (something to look forward to)

Bake cookies

Make plans with a good friend that you hardly see but really miss

Make a wish

Paint your nails

Here’s some of my own additions:

Buy yourself some of your favourite flowers

Buy flowers for someone else

Go swimming (indoors heated pool generally nicer than the sea in January)

Drink champagne

Walk in the woods

Do something crafty & creative

You can add ideas to Cassies list by visiting her blog here and please add your own ideas below too. How do you keep the January blues at bay?


5 Replies to “Little things to make you feel good”

  1. i reckon the more i go with the flow*ers and the fruits and nuts they bear – the happier i am

  2. Some great pointers. Unfortunately red lipstick doesn’t suit me but I slap a face on everyday anyway! I’m going swimming tomorrow – with two small children, so maybe not the ideal swim. I have concert tickets booked, toenails painted but try not to bake cookies as I’m trying not to get fat again! 🙂

  3. Thanks Viv – doesn’t have to be bright red – I like a darkish berry colour but I’m rarely brave enough to wear it. Cassy has inspired me to wear it more! I might take my 7 yr old swimming tomorrow as his sister is being taken on a birthday shopping extravaganza by her Granny. But generally my swims are MY swims – me, myself and I and if you get the time right at the local pool it can be literally you and and one or two others. I love baking and I’m always doing it for the school or other local events, what I need to do is be more adventurous and stop baking the same old things! Saw them making fondant fancies on the Great Bake Off the other day so want to try them (but will probably take a week to make!).

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