It’s broke & we gotta fix it !

Had a bee in my bonnet for a few days about not having any money and having a look around the online community I frequent, it seems I am not the only one! Apparently Frugal February is upon us and we’re all feeling a post Christmas panic at the lack of cash in our pockets and wonga in our accounts.

I do find this rather perplexing however as we’re a family (mum, dad, 15 yr old & 11 yr old) who do not go mad at Christmas in any way, shape or form and certainly do not spend any more on food or drink. For me personally, my Mum died in December so I was not even in a place where buying presents for anyone was even on my radar. Luckily for the kids, my husband had it all sorted via online shopping but did not go mad.

So back to now and it seems that there just is not enough money coming in from our two jobs. I must add that we both earn less than the average UK wage although we’re both graduates in our mid-forties. I could go on about our extortionate Devon rent, poor south west wages etc. etc. etc.  but the reason I am writing this blog is to say I’VE HAD ENOUGH!

I’ve had enough of being poor and struggling and I want a better life. I want to pay off our debts through debt consolidation guidance and get a decent secure place to live.  Ideally I’d like to own again one day but Dan and I would happily live in a shipping container home or a timber kit house.

I’ve been scouring the ‘how to be debt free’ websites for tips for our already pretty frugal family and have come up with some ideas which I will be sharing with you as I try them out. Be great to hear your comments, tips and advice too  as long as it doesn’t involve leaving Devon or selling the kids to slavery!

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  1. Sharon
    A friend and I had a very similar conversation last week. We are both older than you and in a slightly different place but feel we should be able to find things to do which will bring in sufficient money whilst at the same time be joyful rather than a slog. So, we are looking at this with an eye on the future. I shall watch your adventures in this field with interest.

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