Is your council blocking solar PV installations?

Here’s some interesting info I picked up from the YouGen e-news I’m subscribed to:

Eden Vale Council in Cumbria makes people apply for building regulations for a solar installation and charges £100 for the pleasure. In Dorset you must fill in a form and pay £42, while over the border in Devon the council confirms permitted development over the phone. West Lancashire Borough Council insists people pay £75 to be sent a letter confirming they don’t need planning permission.

It’s madness. Central government says one thing, and local government’s do what they want. We’ve joined Eco-Environment’s campaign for a consistent approach, wherever you live. Two shadow ministers are on board, plus the Tory MP for Penrith and the Borders. If your local council’s caused you any problems, please let us know by commenting in the YouGen blog (or email Cathy at

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  1. Hello, we have all sorts of different issues even with different people within the same departments. The situtaion should be – no planning is required if the PV installation is within 200mm of the roof surface, doesnt protrude beyound the ridge, and will be removed when no longer required. As long as the house is not listed or within a conservation area or National Park.

    No Building regs are required unless you are altering the structure of the roof.

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