Is life predestined?

A few things have happened to me lately which make me wonder if my life is already mapped out, or pre-destined so to speak. I met Jacqueline today from Climate Rush, who are a growing group of suffragette inspired climate change activists. Jacqueline got me up to speed on what Climate Rush have been doing since the group was set up by 26 year old Tamsin Ormond in 2008. We chatted about what we could do down ‘ere in the west country to support the London based radicals who abide by the suffragette slogans “deeds not words” and “well behaved women seldom make history”.

So back to predestiny. During our conversation Jacqueline told me I was wearing the colours of the suffragette movement – teal green and purple, my two favourite colours at the moment, I am so into teal and purple. I just had to wear the clothes I wore today, they were a bit grubby, but something told me to wear them, and no others would do, so I guess that’s what I mean about predestiny. I was meant to meet Jacqueline, meant to wear those colours, meant to get more “active” in my involvement in helping to raise awareness of climate change and try to stop it basically.

I’m also quite into synchronicity – which I also find happens a lot when I feel my life is going in the right direction.┬áSometimes I feel there is a path mapped out and there are symbolic things in my life which happen every now and again which tell me I’m on the right path. Wikipedia explains that Swiss psychologist Carl Jung Jung (below) “was transfixed by the idea that life was not a series of random events but rather an expression of a deeper order.┬áThis deeper order led to the insights that a person was both embedded in an orderly framework and was the focus of that orderly framework and that the realisation of this was more than just an intellectual exercise but also having elements of a spiritual awakening.

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