I’m supporting the NSPCC

I’ve signed up to the NSPCC’s I STAND FOR CHILDREN CAMPAIGN as the Green Party’s prospective parliamentary candidate for East Devon.

The NSPCC believes that protecting children must remain a political priority, in order to keep children safe from harm and protect those who have experienced abuse. The NSPCC is a charity which means a lot to me and I’ve previously jumped out of a plane (at 12,000 feet with a fear of heights) to raise money for them !

I want the next elected Parliament to:

  • ensure that vital child protection reforms are fully implemented and resourced, following the death of Baby Peter and other child deaths since
  • continue to fund helpline services for children, and for adults concerned about a child’s safety or welfare
  • tackle domestic violence from a child’s point of view
  • make the internet safer for children
  • strengthen the role of the Children’s Commissioner in England
  • provide resources for therapeutic services for children who have experienced abuse

As a mother of two small children (aged 8 and 4) I understand the need to ensure that all the issues above are tackled. Unfortunately, I was one of those children who lived with domestic violence throughout my whole childhood and teenage years. There was no support there for me or my younger siblings but if we all support organisations like the NSPCC and Women’s Aid then there is much more chance the children going through abuse right now, will have help.

Please support the NSPCC by clicking here.

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