Campaigners fighting to save the full range of maternity services at Honiton Hospital have asked NHS Devon (formerly Devon Primary Care Trust) to clear up confusion about services available at the hospital.

Roger Giles (Devon County Councillor for Ottery St Mary Rural – Independent) had submitted a Freedom of Information request. The response to the FoI request indicates that there was a dramatic fall in the number of babies born to East Devon women at Honiton Hospital in 2009.  The figures show that births to East Devon women at Honiton were:

2007  124

2008  126

2009    41

2010      6 (from 1.1.2010 to 7.3.2010)

The overall number of babies born at Honiton Hospital was as follows:

2007     169

2008     160

2009     156

2010      24 (from 1.1.2010 to 7.3.2010)

“NHS Devon managers have said that any changes to the services available at Honiton will not be implemented until September 2010”


“Yet many mothers have told me that they have been advised that the planned after-care service which they expected, and which they understood to be available at Honiton, will not now be available.  That is a change that appears to have already been made.”

“The NHS Devon figures show a dramatic reduction in the number of births to East Devon women at Honiton in 2009; a total number of births to women from East Devon which is less than one third of the numbers in 2007 and 2008.”

“NHS Devon must explain why changes have already been introduced.  They must also explain the dramatic fall in East Devon women having babies at Honiton Hospital.”

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