Honiton Hospital Maternity Changes – what do you think?

The Midweek Herald reported on the 17th February that ‘ the hospital’s role will be downgraded to a birthing unit, with new mums sent home the same day – and is such a change is implemented, it will end Honiton Hospital’s long-standing reputation for providing in-patient post-natal care.’

NHS Devon says a change in management of community maternity services will bring improvements for expectant mothers and their families.

At a meeting on Monday 8th March, Honiton Town Council councillors expressed grave concerns about the downgrading of post-natal care at Honiton Community Hospital. ¬†Former mayor Councillor Sally Casson said “We are in extreme danger of losing first class facilities”. Councillor Alf Boom described the changes to post-natal care as “enormously worrying”.

The Green Party says “Maternity units should be sufficient in number and located so that all women are within reasonable reach of one.” If Honiton is downgraded to a birthing unit, then any mother to be who does not present with a ‘normal’ pregnancy and birth will have to another hospital further away, in Exeter, Tiverton or Taunton.

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  1. I’m really appalled by the idea that maternity services will be reduced at Honiton. My friend gave birth there in the small hours of the morning one day last week. She was told she had to leave by 5pm the same day. This is outragious and puts mothers and babies health, safety and wellbeing at risk. It also puts strain on the midwifery and health visitor services to provide the extra care these very new mothers will require in the home. More journeys by carers, reduced support for families and new babies – how can this possibly be seen as an acceptable option for maternity care in the 21st century?

  2. Thank you Claire. Really appreciate you comment. Please pass a link to your friend and ask her to come on and share her experiences with us, when she’s up and about, and has 5 mins rest from baby. I know what it’s like with 2 of my own!

  3. After having 2 children and struggling with breastfeeding, I turned up at Honition hospital in the middle of the night where I was greeted by a brilliant midwife who sat with me for half an hour when I fed my baby. I can not think of anywhere else where this sort of 1:1 service is available. RD&E do a brilliant job but they just don’t have the time to provide this amount of support. I know in the future when I have more children I would really like to use Honiton Hospital’s service and it is an outrage that a possible closure is even on the cards. Please keep it open.

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