Honiton Greens wave white flag!

Sharon & Gordon Setter Chilli on the new 'village green' at Littletown in Honiton
Sharon & Gordon Setter Chilli on the new 'village green' at Littletown in Honiton

Honiton Greens say let’s stop fighting each other and start to really work together as a community. Prospective town & district councillor, and co-ordinator of the East Devon Green Party, Sharon Pavey has been out on the doorsteps of Honiton for the past few weeks listening to people’s concerns and is worried that clashes over certain issues in the town could stop Honiton developing and reaching its full potential.

38 year old mum of two Sharon is particularly concerned about allotment provision and the proposed community centre.

Sharon would like to see people in Honiton being given the chance to grow their own food on allotments. However, the site which the town council had earmarked has now been granted village green status and it’s not clear whether allotments could still go ahead there. Sharon is welcoming proposed talks at east Devon District Council to try and satisfy everyone, possibly sharing the site between dog walkers and allotment users.

I live round the corner from this area and walk my dog there. It is a huge space, certainly big enough for allotments AND recreation. Dog owners can also use the nature reserve across the road, the lane up to St Michael’s Church, Roundball Hill and the fields surrounding it”

As for the community centre, I’ve been talking to people on the doorsteps and grilling the town council on the 25 year history of this venture. I think it’s unfortunate that the town council were not allowed to advertise the recent poll and that a core group of objectors turned out to vote against it. But speaking to people across the town, I know a lot of people want a community centre and would use it. I certainly would with my young family and urge anyone else who thinks this way to make their views known via the ballot box.

The town is being offered nearly half the money needed and the rest is a long term loan which won’t hike up our council tax. Yes, it will cost money, but with a town which has grown as fast as Honiton has and has so many young families, we need to invest in everyone’s future and have a fantastic focal point for the town.”

Sharon adds “If you don’t vote on May 5th then you may well be lumbered with local councillors who are not serving your interests. We especially need the younger generation to vote for local councillors who want the community centre, who want to support our youth services and who will fight against cuts to other services in our town.”

Sharon will be available to talk to at the Honiton Issues Coffee Morning & Green Market on Saturday 23rd April from 10am – 12 midday at the Mackarness Hall.


Contact Sharon on 07740973990

Email sdpavey@googlemail.com

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