Grow Your Own with Permaculture Night Class

Community project Otter Valley Harvest Hub is once again running a 6-week night class, starting Thursday 7th October 7-9pm. The course is aimed at those wanting to become more self-sufficient in food and learn how to grow fresh produce without recourse to artificial chemicals. The permaculture approach aims to reduce inputs and optimise use of space and your garden’s natural features. There will also be a detailed look at composting using worms, Bokashi and anaerobic digestion, as well as conventional methods.

Course tutor, PHIL FOGGITT commented “Feedback from last year’s course was very positive and I look forward to running a similar course this year. The principles of permaculture have never been more relevant- a majority of people now favour organic produce and understand the links between conventional agriculture, the destruction of our environment and ill-health. With ever-rising food bills, “growing-your-own” makes sense and this course will help people achieve this.”

This course is aimed at the novice but will also be of interest to those wanting to build on their knowledge and experience of growing fruit and veg on a small scale. There will be a particular focus on permaculture techniques, illustrating the most up-to-date thinking on the cultivation of food whilst minimising environmental Impact. Course content will accommodate different requirements and will concentrate on areas of particular interest to students wherever possible.

Course lectures will feature short videos of actual projects and a guided tour of the Hub gardens will show how permaculture can be applied in practice. The course sessions will take place at Escot’s walled garden and the course fee is £44. Places are limited and bookings are now being taken.

The course tutor, PHIL FOGGITT has 35 years’ experience of organic growing, with extensive knowledge of wholefoods and the links with health. He has a keen interest in natural therapies, having been a practicing homoeopath and running wholefood shops in East Devon for 10 years. He also founded and ran the community recycling enterprise Otter Rotters, gaining valuable insights into composting methods, including anaerobic digestion. He now co-ordinates activities and is a director of Otter Valley Harvest Hub.

For further information contact:

PHIL FOGGITT 01404 851048/07721993974

Harvest Hub:

Escot: 01404 822188

Otter Valley Harvest Hub is a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee, whose aims are to initiate and coordinate food-related initiatives in the Tale and Otter Valleys; build partnerships between local stakeholders and create a high profile organisation promoting local produce

Permaculture is a concept originally devised by 2 Australians- Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. The word ‘permaculture’ comes from ‘permanent agriculture’ and ‘permanent culture’ – it is about living lightly on the planet, and making sure that we can sustain human activities for many generations to come, in harmony with nature. Applied to the garden, it encourages practices such as mulching rather than digging; the use of green manures to maintain fertility; intercropping and companion planting.

Located in the 2- acre walled garden at Escot Park, near Ottery St Mary, East Devon, the Harvest Hub provides a facility for local people to “get practical” about permaculture. The Hub provides an ideal environment for growing fruit and vegetables. Apart from the sheltered garden, plants are also grown in the refurbished section of the Victorian greenhouse. In 2010, the growing area has been doubled in size to cater for new members.

The Hub also provides a resource for information on permaculture- including books and periodicals housed in the refurbished AppleShed.

Registered company no. 6819028

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