Greens on course to make big gains in County Elections

County Hall group photo

As their membership continues to grow across the County, the Green Party in Devon are campaigning hard to gain seats in the County Council elections next May. Devon Greens will be standing a record number of candidates, allowing more people than ever the chance to vote Green in 2013.

Green Party members are currently developing a Devon-wide manifesto that will offer fresh and realistic approaches on issues such as public services, the local economy, energy, planning, waste management and transport.

There are currently nine local Green Parties operating across Devon, who promote and deliver Green Party policies via their elected Town, Parish and District Councillors and hard working members and supporters.

Town Councillor Katie Reville is the Green Party Prospective Candidate for Ivybridge: “I recognise that the role of County Councillor comes with great responsibilities such as social care and education but also with great opportunities to influence how Devon develops into the future. I will bring energy, enthusiasm and initiative to the County Council and am proud to be giving my local residents the chance to vote Green.”

Andrew Bell, who achieved 20% of the vote in the Exeter City Council elections earlier this year, will be standing for the County Council in Exeter St David’s and St James: “As people become aware of the dreadful reality and outcomes of Tory policy; as the Lib Dem vote collapses and people realise Labour have nothing new to offer, the Green Party offers a real alternative. We know we can win seats in Devon and bring a much needed distinctive and common sense approach to Devon County Council.”

Sharon Pavey joined Honiton Town Council in May 2011 and has been selected to stand in Honiton St Michael’s: “The East Devon Green Party came second to the Tories in Honiton in the District Council elections last year. Greens are the opposition in Honiton and with support constantly growing, we are confident of a breakthrough very soon.”

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