Greens back campaign against Nocton mega-dairy

The Green Party has reacted strongly to proposals to construct a 3,770-cow dairy in Lincolnshire. Nocton Dairies last month submitted proposals for a “mega-dairy” on Nocton Heath, sparking protest from animal rights and sustainability campaigners. The 38 Degrees petition opposing the plans has so far gained over 50,000 signatures, you can add your name here

North Kesteven District Councillors are due to vote on the proposals in January, after the public consultation period closes on 11th January 2011. Adrian Ramsay, deputy leader of the Green Party, said in response to the plans:

“This industrial scale dairy would be a bad move for agriculture, for animal welfare and for the environment. It will lead to the demise of smaller and more environmentally sustainable farms at a time when many farmers are already struggling to make ends meet. The Green Party has been calling for a reform of supermarket buying practices for many years so that farmers receive a fair price for their produce.”

Mr. Ramsay, who is a Green councillor in Norwich, continued:

“Grazing is natural for cows. A large number of scientific studies have shown that cows kept on pasture are healthier. With Nocton’s cows eating no fresh grass, there are major animal welfare concerns about this proposal. There are also major environmental concerns because the cows will instead be eating food grown on land that could have been used for food production for people.”

Adrian Ramsay concluded:

“The Green Party believes that cows belong in fields and will therefore campaign to ensure that this proposed ‘super’ dairy does not go ahead. We also need wider reforms of our agriculture to ensure better animal welfare and protect rural livelihoods and the countryside.”

Animal Aid & Viva are also running a campaign against the super dairy and I’ve emailed the planning authorities direct. You can object too – it takes 5 mins & needs to be done before 11th January so not long – do it today and keep the cows out of these intensive indoor units and on the fields like this happy cow below!

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