Green Election Update

Candidates were announced on Monday afternoon and I guess we’re off, election fever is upon us! We’ve actually been out and about ahead of all the other parties for weeks here in Honiton, with our first ward newsletter out in January and the second one being delivered to all 3,300 homes in Honiton St Michael’s this week. We’ve also been on the doorsteps with our surveys asking the people who live here what they like and dislike about Honiton and getting some very interesting answers.

We found out yesterday that we have two GREEN parish councillors – both becoming councillors as not enough people stood in their areas, and there was no election. They are Emily McIvor – now Councillor McIvor in Axmouth and myself – Sharon Pavey. I’m now a councillor on Honiton Town Council.

Small mention of us in the Express & Echo today “The Green Party has emerged in force on the local political scene, putting forward candidates for seats including Budleigh, Tale Vale, Honiton St Michael’s, Honiton St Paul’s and Seaton”. Here’s the full article and here are our seven candidates:

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