Friends of Akitas UK

akitaAkitas, once the noble dog of Japan, now the status dogs of some of the less than noble population of the UK find themselves in increasing numbers abandoned and stray.

I have a friend called Jo who is part of the Friends of Akitas (UK) organisation. Friends of Akitas are here to help the dogs and right now they have nine akitas in pounds waiting on death row for YOU to bail them out and urgently find them rescue spaces or foster homes.

Another thirty four are on the website. Some of which Friends of Akitas are struggling to support as they are all volunteers and money is almost nonexistent.

These dogs are hardly ever the big tough guys that people think they are. Most are just big teddies that want a kind, understanding home.

Please get in touch with Jo and the other volunteers if you could offer an akita a good home or even foster one for a little while. See the website today.

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