Exeter streets paved with gold!

Following on from my moan about money (or lack of) post the other day I just wanted to give you a quick update. After scouring loads of money saving and debt freeing websites and blogs I decided to start with a couple of easy to do projects. One is the money jar idea from money saving expert and the other was to enter more competitions.

So the money jar is pretty much what it says on the tin. We have a sealed sweetie jar we fill with spare cash as a way of saving. Anytime we have any spare coins in our purses, we empty them into the jar. You can save for anything you want or need but after reading lots of debt advice sites, I’m going with setting up an emergency fund first so once the jar is full it will be transferred to our credit union account. Ethical local savings which are not easy to access – unless of course we have an emergency! Then we will start another jar to save for Natasha’s new piano!

Apparently thousands of UK families are just one pay cheque away from poverty (us included) so I’m trying to change this around. One funny thing I came across was adding ‘roadkill’ to the jar – this is money you find apparently. Well spookily as soon as we started the jar, we started to find money on the street. Ok maybe a 2p here or a 5p there ┬ábut I love finding it and it all goes in the jar. Me and the kids found two really shiny 20p’s walking home the other day – it’s like treasure and great fun to look for with the kids!

As for competitions…..I’ll do another blog on this in a few days. Don’t forget to add your comments below. I’d love to hear your money saving ideas, tips & advice.

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