East Devon Greens Response to the LDF

East Devon Green Party

Response to the Local Development Core Strategy

The East Devon Green Party is unhappy about the plans for east devon as they are currently set out in the local development framework core strategy document. There is clearly too much emphasis on building new homes and industrial estates and not enough emphasis on protecting the beautiful countryside in this area. Here are the issues our local group is concerned about:

  • We are very concerned that not enough is being done to improve the current poor infrastructure of towns and villages before new homes are planned.

  • There are simply far too many homes being planned – we do not think this amount of housing is necessary and will lead to yet more housing in the following decades

  • There needs to be a balance of housing to ensure that decent housing is available for local people on a low income. This includes our key workers (nurses, police, teachers etc). A higher ratio of affordable housing, and social housing schemes, council housing, shared equity etc is needed.

  • We do not want houses built on greenbelt land, parks, AONB areas, agricultural land. Brownfield sites should be developed as much as possible. Use town car parks for example.

  • The plan needs to prioritise the importance of town centres. They should be given a boost, encouraged and supported, especially in a time of economic decline. Please do not increase retail units on industrial estates and build out of town shopping facilities. Ensure new developments are within town centres.

  • We want to see walking and cycling encouraged across east devon. Please build more footpaths and cycle paths in towns and link villages to local towns. People will not be encouraged to leave cars at home unless you give them safe routes to use! Plus good cycle parking/secure facilities in towns/next to bus stops etc

  • Public transport must be encouraged, we need more bus services, especially late at night as currently people do not seem able to travel by public transport from town to town in east devon in the evening This is simply not good enough in this day and age, especially as we all need to cut our carbon emissions. Public transport also needs to be affordable for all.

  • The tourism and farming industries need to be supported rather than just building industrial units for new employment. We also want to see opportunities for professionals, graduates etc rather than more minimum wage jobs – or our professionals and aspiring youngsters will simply leave our rural area for an urban lifestyle with the jobs to suit.

  • Empty homes need to be brought back into use.

  • Planning needs to be a result of regular engagement with the communities in east devon, our group does not see that this is the case presently.

  • We are concerned that the document is not consistent, with very detailed sections (for example housing numbers) in some communities and vague statistics in others.

  • The east devon green party is very concerned about our local food supply. We would like to see this issue given more space in the new draft of the local planning document. The food chain should be localised, with eddc assisting small farms, organic producers local farmers markets, farm box schemes, and locally owned co-ops. Any method that reduces food miles must be supported.

  • We would like you to remove the loophole on page 126, par 17.14, point 3 that allows developers to not provide vital infrastructure, such as roads, schools or doctors surgeries, if they claim they cannot afford it, as this is completely unacceptable.

  • We would like to see 20 mph speed limits introduced in our built up areas /towns and villages to make our streets safer.

  • Absolutely no expansion at any time of exeter airport. We should be encouraging people to fly less – using trains more, holidaying in this country etc.

  • Page 33, par 6.17 states ‘The core strategy will also introduce greater flexibility for development outside of the Built-up Area Boundaries, particularly where this will help employment, affordable housing or community needs.’ our groups believes this is totally unacceptable and if this is not removed from this document, this will be used to justify a wide range of developments.

  • The whole document needs re-writing with sustainability at its core. Many of the proposals eddc have put forward are simply not sustainable in that they appeal to the desire to have something ‘new & shiny’ (which is often not well built which in a few years gets replaced by something else). This is not the type of society we want for our children and our grandchildren.

  • We would like to see our town centres pedestrianised as much as possible, and cars discouraged from town centres. Please encourage walking, public transport and cycling.

  • Sports schemes/centres must be a priority and be in sensible easily accessible places, not out of town as proposed for Honiton for example.

  • We think that the current document is proposing an unjustifiable and unsustainable level of growth, which in turn would lead to greater and more intensive growth because massive development breeds further massive development. Please take it back to the drawing board and listen to the responses from the people of east devon.

  • Recycling needs to be included in your plans, we need more places to drop off recycling, especially as part of new housing estates etc.

  • Building regulations should require excellent energy standards on a points based system.

  • Bring in incentives for homes in the area to become energy self-sufficient plus free home insulation programmes.

East Devon Green Party

Contact: Sharon Pavey (Coordinator)

59 Hazelwood Close, Honiton, EX14 2XA Tel: 07740973990

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