Demo/protest against maternity cuts on Monday 29 March in Sidmouth

A demonstration against cutbacks to Honiton’s maternity post-natal care service is to take place next week at an East Devon town, on Monday (29 March). The event will be held outside East Devon District Council’s offices in Sidmouth and is expected to draw large crowds of local people who are passionately against plans to send mums home from Honiton maternity ward, within a few hours (possibly two hours) of giving birth. You can read more about the protest here on Devon 24.

There are fears that the cutbacks are a short-sighted cost-cutting measure, which could have damaging implications for local mums, such as:

* an increase in post-natal depression

* a fall in the numbers of women breast-feeding, which could also lead to a rise in health issues for babies

* exhausted mothers struggling to cope at home, which could lead to illness

* health problems or infections not being spotted early, which could cause a rise in emergency admissions at the RD&E Hospital

I’ve blogged about the cutbacks at Honiton Maternity Unit previously and I will try and be there on Monday to represent the East Devon Green Party and find out why East Devon MP Hugo Swire is not doing anything about this. Parents from all over the East Devon constituency use the excellent maternity services in Honiton and parents-to-be like Gavin and Jade Watts are very concerned. They have started a Facebook Campaign called SAVE HONITON MATERNITY UNIT ON SITE AFTERCARE and have an astonishing 2,300 members.

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