Climate and Energy Talk Thursday March 24th at The King’s School.

As part of our commitment to reducing energy consumption, Sustainable Ottery has joined the Energy Savings Trust ‘Green Communities’ project. The aim is to try and establish a Carbon Footprint for the town and to identify areas where energy efficiencies can be made. This could result in extra grants to help with insulation, cavity –fill, double-glazing etc. and possibly renewable energy schemes for the town. To get the ball-rolling we have organised a talk which will look at why it is imperative to become more energy-efficient from both an environmental and an economic stand-point. Taking part will be Derrick Ryall, Head of Climate Change at the Met. Office who will talk about climate change, its causes, the most up-to-date predictions and the implications for us in the future. Also taking part will be a representative from the Energy Savings Trust with advice and tips on how we can reduce our energy consumption and importantly our bills as well as our carbon footprint. We hope to have a number of exhibitors there too who will advise on energy efficiency, car-sharing, renewable energy etc. We will have more details in our next newsletter but with bigger than ever energy bills dropping through your letter box and petrol costing a day’s wage to fill-up the car, you can’t afford to miss this.

7.30pm on March 24th at the King’s School in Ottery St Mary

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