A Vegan Vision of Home

I’ve been looking at how to create a new intentional living community for a couple of years now and I am writing this today – the day after turning 49 with a renewed clarity about what we are looking for as a family.

Here is our vision:

We believe kindness, compassion, understanding and empathy are essential to build this community & qualities needed in the humans involved.

A vegan community will be at it’s heart – for shared spaces etc. but open to those transitioning to veganism particularly our children and friends and relatives visiting who are on their own unique journey.

We will all look after ourselves, each other, our home and our planet earth. We will connect closely with nature – having natural green spaces to relax in and grow food etc.

Community and togetherness are key as is time alone and individual space.

This community will be in Devon or Cornwall, preferably not too far from the sea.

The people involved will be willing to put the work in to make this a reality. This includes training ourselves and looking at innovative funding solutions.

It must be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Eco, sustainable, off grid if possible (even if further down the line) so it’s resilient to what may come…

Suitable for those who do not rely on cars so near public transport, cycle routes and/or have a shared electric vehicle on site.

Intergenerational, diverse and inclusive.

Companion animals are welcome including those who may not eat a vegan diet. Obviously details on this to be discussed.

A willingness to accept differences in opinions and work stuff through together in a respectful and mutually caring way.

If this is all something you like the sound of, then please get in touch today – email sdpavey@gmail.com