Honiton Litter Pick

Honiton litter pick 2013

After being postponed due to the snow, our litter pick took place today in the beautiful winter sunshine. It was quite windy though and we got even away without a rain shower. We spent a couple of hours picking up rubbish around Hazelwood Close, Holly Close, Spindlewood Close, Gronau Close, Brand Road and Manor Crescent. We picked up more things we could recycle than stuff for landfill, collecting a lot of glass bottles, cans and plastic bottles.

Natasha litter pick

We also found some interesting things along the way like an old umbrella, a pair of tights, gloves, socks and a broken frisbee. There were lots of sweet wrappers, can tops that have fallen out of the recycling bins, crisp packets and bits of paper. We also found loads of elastic bands in all the streets which we reckon is from the postal staff dropping them from bundles of letters, so we will be contacting the post office to ask them to stop doing this.

Jo litter pick

We have lots of Keep Britain Tidy tabards, bags etc left if anyone is thinking of doing a litter pick in their area – if you’re near us you can have some of ours. We do plan to do one again though as it was very a satisfying thing to do.

Cardboard & Plastics Recycling in East Devon

blue boxWe had our monthly town council meeting last night in Honiton and I asked our East Devon District Councillor Phil Twiss about how much closer the district council is getting to starting kerbside cardboard recycling. Cllr Twiss said that we should know by February 2013 if there are funds allocated for new vehicles in order to be able to collect cardboard and mixed plastics (food tubs etc) from the doorstep across East Devon. He sounded quite positive but I do worry in these days of cuts and austerity measures that recycling cardboard will not be seen as a priority by the District Council. Now might be the time to write to your local district councillor and urge them to press for cardboard recycling to be allocated funds in the budget they are working on this autumn. You can find details of your local district councillor here: http://www.eastdevon.gov.uk/councillors.htm?sort=ward

Recycling Initiative in Honiton

Declutter your home, garden and garage
Bring along your unwanted items
Take away items for FREE!
And there’s a free tea/coffee for everyone!
Yes, it’s true:  pay £1 entrance, then everything is FREE! The more people bring, the greater the choice on the day. Nothing to bring? No problem, just come along and find a freebie anyway!

Celebrate the World

Declutter your home, garden and garage

Bring along your unwanted items

Take away items for FREE!

And there’s a free tea/coffee for everyone!

Yes, it’s true:  pay £1 entrance, then everything is FREE! The more people bring, the greater the choice on the day. Nothing to bring? No problem, just come along and find a freebie anyway!

Waste Not, Want Not at the Mackarness Hall, Honiton 10am – 3pm on the following dates:

Sat June 16th

Sat Sept 22nd

Sat Nov 3rd

More info on www.honitonwastenotwantnot.moonfruit.com



Just found some carrier bags full of rubbish in my bin which are not mine – dig a bit of digging and found a letter – belonging to a neighbour of mine a few doors along! Why are they putting their rubbish in my bin? Quite outraged actually especially as these bags are full of plastic & cardboard which I recycle & don’t put in landfill. Have they filled up their own landfill bin with loads of stuff that can be recycled and then started filling up their neighbours bins with the rest of their rubbish?

According to my council contacts – this is considered fly-tipping and if it happens again, they need reporting and may be fined!

Honiton Swap & Share

Just letting you know about an event coming up in East Devon in February 2012. As ‘recycling champion’ for Honiton, my role on the town council is to support events like this and this brings a smile to my face as I’ve wanted to do one of these myself for a little while. So I’m incredibly glad that Honiton resident Karen Berger has put this idea together and I hope she gets a huge amount of support to make it successful. The new Transition Town Honiton group will also have a stall there on the day.

Welcome to Swap and Share, another step towards a sustainable future.

Many people already use Freecycle, via the internet, on a regular basis to pass on their unwanted items to others nearby, and to get things that they need. Now, for those who don’t have access to the internet, or have not heard of Freecycle, we are running a Swap and Share event in Honiton, so that everyone has access to quality goods at no cost.

IMG_1937 SF bric a brac bargainsHow does it work?

Simply bring any unwanted goods to Mackarness Hall next to St Paul’s church on the High Street on Saturday 25th February, pay £1 entrance fee, (towards the hire of the hall) and leave them with us, to be shared among anyone who comes along on the day. Even those who don’t have any goods to donate can choose items for themselves: as long as it’s kept out of landfill, it’s a win-win situation!

Thank you for your time

Look forward to seeing you there!

Recycling in Honiton

recycling meeting - Oct 2011

Local councillors met in Honiton on Monday 31 October to discuss how to improve waste management and recycling in the town.

Although East Devon boasts a relatively high recycling rate of 50% compared with the national average of 41.2%, Sharon Pavey – Honiton Town Councillor and coordinator of the East Devon Green Party thinks there is room for improvement. So she invited East Devon District Council’s Environment Portfolio holder Councillor Iain Chubb and Recycling Champion Councillor Roger Giles over to Honiton.

Councillor Pavey is now one of 15 new ‘Recycling Champions’ on the town and parish councils in East Devon with responsibility to promote reducing waste through re-use, repairing and recycling rather than disposing of our waste in landfill*.

The new Champions will get together on 16 November to discuss how they can make a difference to the recycling picture in East Devon and also how they can help get messages to their community if waste collections are hit by snow and ice as they were last December and January.

Councillor Pavey says: “Apart from the problem of finding suitable landfill sites, Devon County Council has to pay a huge amount in landfill tax, so throwing away our rubbish really must be the last option”.

Councillor Pavey added “The weekly doorstep collection programme is going well in Honiton and now people are eager to see it extended to cardboard and plastics which will hopefully be rolled out in the next year or so if the trial in Beer is successful. In the meantime Tesco has a skip for both paper and cardboard and you can take all your washed plastic food tubs to Sutton Barton, which is not ideal but is an option not too far away and means you do not have to put plastic containers into your landfill bin”.

“There are also clothes banks and a plastic bag deposit point at Tesco, a place to donate unwanted shoes outside the sports shop in town, you can drop off used print cartridges at Dimonds and several opticians will take your old glasses and recycle them.”

* Defra stats today show that EDDC has the 6th lowest Residual household waste per household (kg/household) in England at 353.07 kgs. Also Devon as a county has the highest recycling rate at 55%.

Waste Not in Devon!

The Issues and Options Consultation is the first formal public consultation stage of the Waste Core Strategy. The Issues and Options Consultation Report highlights the main waste planning issues facing Devon and the potential options for addressing them. It is vital that members of the public and interested organisations provide their views during the consultation in order that the County Council can develop the direction of the Strategy accordingly.

The Issues and Options Consultation Report is being published on 28 April 2011, with the consultation period extending to 21 July 2011. The Consultation Report, together with supporting documents, will be available from 28 April on the County Council’s online consultation facility, which allows responses to be submitted easily online.

Recyclers slam Pickles’ weekly bin collection crusade

Industry warns communities secretary’s plan to reinstate weekly bin collections will make it harder to improve recycling rates. The recycling industry has launched a blistering attack on the coalition’s plans to encourage councils to reinstate weekly bin collection, warning there is a real danger the move could reverse improving recycling rates…read more here on the Business Green website. I’ve written to my local paper about this.