Volunteers needed for Honiton Credit Union


I’ve just got involved with a group of people in Honiton who are working towards setting up a branch of the Devon Plough & Share Credit Union in town. A Credit Union is a democratic, financial co-operative owned and controlled by its own members – a people’s bank! The Mission of the Plough & Share Credit Union is to work towards the financial inclusion of all which fits in with the ethos of the Transition movement.

I went to the first public meeting the other day and heard that they need volunteers to staff the service point so I’ve offered but they do need a few more people to step forward. The service point might be open one morning or afternoon a week – although volunteers may just do one session per month depending on their availability. Volunteers receive training and for anyone needing to add skills and references to their CV – this is a fantastic opportunity. We can only make this happen with Community Support – so please pass this email onto anyone you think might be able to volunteer. Anyone interested should contact marianne@sutcliffe16.orangehome.co.uk

New Street Wall Makeover

From left - Christine, Tina, me, Elena & little Louisa
From left - Christine, Tina, me, Elena & little Louisa

I’ve been out this morning with other members of Transition Town Honiton giving the wall on New Street a much needed makeover! We were given permission from East Devon District Council who own the wall to tidy it up and plant herbs and other edible plants. It took a team of 5 of us about 2 hours to do one section, weeding, adding compost and planting strawberries, rosemary and sage.

Lots of people stopped to comment and say what a great job we were doing, which was nice as it was chilly to start with. It soon warmed up with the sun above us as we worked and chatted. There are more sections of the wall for us to work on on another date. Please get in touch if you would like to help, could donate some herbs or funds for us to buy more compost and plants. We are a local community group – read more about us on the website www.transitiontownhoniton.org.uk

The plants are there for the community – for you to pick as you pass by or sit at the bus stop. Add to your soups, stews, sauces etc! The strawberries should be a great attraction next summer.

Totnes Food Swap

Totnesfood swapWe visited Transition Town Totnes on Sunday to partake in a bit of food swapping with the Seedy Sisters. Here I am in a suspiciously posed photo (!!) with jars of homemade jam with Lou from the Transition office and Seedy Sister Alison (in the middle). I took my  homemade citrus & thyme jelly, tomato relish, sloe gin and some of my freshly picked salad and came home with lots of eggs, potatoes, apples and some green tomato chutney! What a result. No money changed hands just mutually agreed friendly fun exchanges. They were a lovely bunch of people and I wasn’t the only swapping newbie there giving it a try. My daughter Natasha (10) particularly liked it as choosing the items you wanted and ‘doing the deals’ was really good fun. There were other kids there too, some swapping flowers they’d picked and others just enjoying the atmosphere.


Some people had extra produce from their allotments (yes they have allotments in Totnes, unlike Honiton!) and others had made big batches of one preserve or another and didn’t need it all. I thought there would be more baked goods like cakes, biscuits and bread and maybe some homemade wines but we were very happy with the little transactions we made. The whole process of bartering was really enjoyable and I think we could do this here with Transition Town Honiton.

Totnes food swap

Maybe you could add a comment to this blog if you’re in or near Honiton and you think this would be worth a try one day? We’d also need volunteers to organise it as these things don’t just organise themselves – so do let us know if you could chip in and help.

The Crochet Virgin! (I’ve never done it before!)

Just had a lovely morning at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton where I often take the kids for holiday arts & crafts sessions. But today was for me – I joined the Woolly Wednesdays knitting & crochet group and I’m glad I did. Apparently this week was a ‘quiet one’ with about 8 ladies mostly knitting. Three of us were crocheting – I can say ‘us’ because I have  actually strung together a few stitches today and it was very satisfying & relaxing and reconnected me with my creative side – something I really do not allow enough time in my life.

My crochet creation!
My crochet creation!

I’m also into colours at the moment – colour links and spiritual synchronicity with colours. The wool I was given today is cream/ivory. This colour also came up in the spiritual circle I sit in yesterday and I bought a load of cream flowers for the garden on Monday. Quick google search shows that these colours mean elegance, calmness and purity – how lovely!

Thanks to Mandy & Hesta for helping me crochet today. The next session (open to all) is Wednesday 29th February – click here for more details. Mandy recommended the attic24 crocheting blog too which is fabulous. See you again ladies.

Honiton Swap & Share

Just letting you know about an event coming up in East Devon in February 2012. As ‘recycling champion’ for Honiton, my role on the town council is to support events like this and this brings a smile to my face as I’ve wanted to do one of these myself for a little while. So I’m incredibly glad that Honiton resident Karen Berger has put this idea together and I hope she gets a huge amount of support to make it successful. The new Transition Town Honiton group will also have a stall there on the day.

Welcome to Swap and Share, another step towards a sustainable future.

Many people already use Freecycle, via the internet, on a regular basis to pass on their unwanted items to others nearby, and to get things that they need. Now, for those who don’t have access to the internet, or have not heard of Freecycle, we are running a Swap and Share event in Honiton, so that everyone has access to quality goods at no cost.

IMG_1937 SF bric a brac bargainsHow does it work?

Simply bring any unwanted goods to Mackarness Hall next to St Paul’s church on the High Street on Saturday 25th February, pay £1 entrance fee, (towards the hire of the hall) and leave them with us, to be shared among anyone who comes along on the day. Even those who don’t have any goods to donate can choose items for themselves: as long as it’s kept out of landfill, it’s a win-win situation!

Thank you for your time

Look forward to seeing you there!

Fingers Crossed for the Planet!

Another climate change convention over and other year draws to a close. With 2012 just around the corner is it enough for us to be sat with our fingers crossed for the future of our world or worse still not really caring or even aware of what is happening as the temperature is rising higher and higher…

Photograph: Alastair Grant/AP
Photograph: Alastair Grant/AP

While millions are traipsing up and down the high street with plastic bags full of plastic gifts for their loved ones, are we all missing the bigger picture. Leaders of the world are tussling over the financial chaos affecting the richest countries while the poorest get poorer and children are still starving and dying this Christmas time….

…add your comments below.

Tuesday 15th November ‘What Shall We Do About Christmas?’

An ideas workshop on alternatives to shopping, stress and consumerism  at Christmas time. Transition Exeter will be exploring solutions to the pressures we feel amongst the Christmas consumerism and look at alternative ways to enjoy the Christmas season. On Tuesday 15th of November  6.45pm (teas) for a 7.00pm start.   Upstairs at Friend’s Meeting House, Wynard’s Lane, Magdalen St., Devon EX2 4HU. Contact: Penny penny.ritson@hotmail.co.uk 07811409954

Fruity Free-for-all at Community Market !!!

It’s just 5 weeks since our public meeting at Montgomery’s brought together enough like-minds to get a Transition Town group up and running here in Honiton. The steering group (Geoff, Chris, Charlotte, Colin, Rufus, Tina, Sharon, Michelle and Alison) are very pleased to announce the first little project – a fruity free-for-all.


Transition Town Honiton will have a stall at the Community Market at the Mackarness Hall on Saturday 5th November. TTH will be giving away seasonal surplus fruit from the trees in and around Honiton between 9.30am and 12.30pm (or until we run out!). Everyone is welcome to come and make use of the fruit on offer to eat, juice or make into jams, chutneys and preserves. If you have spare fruit which you would like to give away, please bring it along on the day or contact Rufus on 07762 788206 to arrange to pick and collect. We also need a couple more helpers on the fruit stall on the morning – even for an hour, please get in touch with Rufus or contact me.


We hope you can support the market which includes local food, wooden toys, jams, eggs, cakes, ethical clothing, jewellery, books, crystals & fossils and facepainting for the little ones. No entry charge and refreshments are available – free tea & coffee to all market customers!  Click here to read more about the market.

Transition Town Honiton – up & running!

As of today, our little town of Honiton joins 458 muller transition initiatives across 34 countries on planet earth! We are registered on the Transition Network site https://www.transitionnetwork.org/initiatives/honiton

Being a ‘muller’ means we are in the ‘mulling it over’ or planning stage of the transition process following a successful first meeting last night. 23 people came along to find out more and after a discussion and gathering of everyone’s details, 7 people stepped forward to run the steering group to get the whole thing going. The brand new steering group were very keen to meet next week and start planning some action.

There are 382 official transition initiatives and if we are successful in meeting the criteria set out by the Transition Network based in Totnes then we will become ‘official’.