Little Green Gathering

Bookings are now open for the Little Green Gathering, organised by Hampshire Green Parties members and held at the Sustainability Centre on the South Downs near Petersfield on 15-17 July.  Great for chilling out, green politics, music and arts and crafts – plus a wonderful setting with sustainable camping and all veggie food.  This far, confirmed attendees include: Seize the Day, a waggon load of Green Councillors; an MP, MEP, the Lord Major of Oxford and Professor Fiddlesticks – What’s not to like?

There are more than sixty activities in several places around the wooded site.  We have singing and drawing workshops, camp-fires, wildlife “safaris” and lessons on herbalism and Target-to-Win; a theatre group, artists, a harpist and poets in residence; performance music, theatre, art and poetry; games and teas for kids; banner-making in a yurt (come away with your new local party banner); debates on NVDA, carbon-counting, the “Left” and Trident; a real-nappy fashion show … and a man who is going to tell us how to design eco-domes.
Numbers are limited so book now.  See for more details and a downloadable booking form or contact Tim Dawes at or 02392 470592

Osborne’s skewed vision of rich & poor…!

Johann Hari says “I doubt there was a single person who woke up yesterday, looked out across Britain, and thought: “I know what’s wrong with this country. Vodafone pays too much tax. But Osborne has acted on this belief – in part because he genuinely seems to have no idea what life in Britain is like.

He said recently that his former school, St Paul’s (annual fees £30,000) was “incredibly liberal. It didn’t matter who your parents were. Your mother could be the head of a giant corporation – or a solicitor in Kew”. That’s his internal vision of the social spectrum in Britain, with those pauper solicitors in Kew begging at the bottom. No wonder he doesn’t understand that (say) slashing Housing Benefit will turn 200,000 poor people out of their homes in London alone. He thinks they can take it: the rich need more.”

South West Green Party Grand Prize Draw

The South West Green Party is planning on running a Grand Prize Draw this year to raise funds for campaigning in the European elections in 2014. We have quite a bit to raise in order to run a professional first rate campaign and as we were so incredibly close last time, we’re determined to be successful this time and have a Green MEP for the south west.

So – we need some pretty special prizes & that’s where you come in. Can you offer a fabulous prize? A holiday, a night at your hotel, a meal in your restaurant, a day out at your centre, a delicious hamper, an eco item, eco clothing etc. Or perhaps you visit a fab local veggie cafe or health food shop which you think we should contact. Let us know the details. Please get in touch today – email (Regional Fundraiser – Sharon Pavey)

Gorgeous GREEN business who have offered us goodies for the prize draw are:

1. Lunch wrap, sandwich wrap & bottle from

2. …………this could be you…….please offer us something lovely!!!

Greens back Hugh’s Fish Fight at Sidmouth meeting

MEMBERS of East Devon Green Party have voted to support Hugh’s Fish Fight because it is in line with existing Green party policies.

At a meeting of the EDGP at Sidmouth on Saturday, January 15, Sharon Pavey, EDGP co-ordinator, members supported her suggestion they sign an on-line petition to support the Fish Fight.

Some half a million people have already signed the petition backing Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s campaign to get people to petition against the throwing back of nearly half the fish caught in the North Sea, to contact MPs asking for their support of a Fish Fight early day motion and to try eating lesser-known species of fish.

Mother of two Sharon, from Honiton, said: “Like many people, I watched Hugh’s Fish Fight on television and was appalled to see so many dead fish being thrown away as the quotas did not allow them to be landed.

“I was particularly struck by the images of so many sharks being tossed into a heap to die, the unfortunate victims of intensive tuna fishing.”

Henry Gent, a Green Party member from Broadclyst, said the party wanted radical reform of agricultural and fisheries policies.

He said: “I think many people are concerned about the way food production is going, on land and on sea.

“Family farms are driven out of business by competition from factory farms, and those who fish with sustainable methods cannot compete on price with more intensive harvesting and farming of fish.”

The East Devon Greens meet monthly in different towns in East Devon, and will be holding a coffee morning at Christ Church Hall, North Street, Exmouth, from 10am to noon on Saturday, February 19. Contact Sharon for more details.

South West Greens Cookbook

Calling all masterchefs out there!! I’m compiling a cookbook/recipe book for the green party here in the south west. It’s a bit of fun, as we all know us greens like our nosh and lots of us are culinary whizzkids behind that kitchen door. We can also raise a few quid from it too if we all chip in and make it happen. We can split the profits between the regional committee (funds for the European Elections in 2014) and your own local parties. Hope you can help, it’s really quite simple, all you do is…

Think of your favourite recipe, perhaps an old favourite, something you (or a friend/relative has) invented or a delicious recipe passed down through the family. (Please do not copy from a cookbook as we could be in all sorts of trouble with copyright!)

Email me the recipe to as a word document.

Please make sure you include:

Your name

Your local green party in the south west

Add a few lines about the recipe – where it came from, why you enjoy it, how it’s best served etc. Any funny anecdotes are great too. Recipes from around the world would be great.

Title of recipe

Ingredients list


Optional – photo of you making it, or you and your family eating it.

There you go, easy as pie. If you have a favourite local veggie/vegan cafe or eatery you can recommend, please email me their details as we will be looking for sponsorship for the cookbooks.

Sharon Pavey – Coordinator for the east devon greens & south west regional fundraiser

Click here for the south west green party site

Quote from Caroline Lucas on university fee cap

Responding to the news that a cap on university tuition fees in England will be set at a maximum of £9,000 a year, Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion, said:

“Today is a dark day for the students of the future – and for Lib Dem voters who have seen, yet again, their Party’s leader make a shameful u-turn on a key election pledge. The Greens are now the only main political party that support free education for all. A cap of £9,000 is simply unacceptable for a country that values social mobility and inclusiveness. This announcement will mean our public degrees will be among the most costly in the world. Many people will be priced out of going to university – and those who do go will be saddled with huge debt. All this at a time when our young people are facing increasing unemployment and anxiety about the future.

A more progressive policy to address the challenge of funding our higher education would be a business education tax levied on the top 4% of UK companies, which would generate enough annually to abolish tuition fees and take our public investment in higher education up to the average in other comparable countries. As MP for Brighton Pavilion, I am determined to work hard to protect students and staff at Sussex University from creeping privatisation and devastating cuts.”

South West Green Party Councillors

The East Devon Green Party is preparing to stand for the local elections in May 2011. We wondered if the current Green councillors in the South West would like to offer our new Green Party branch some words of wisdom. Reasons why they stood for election in their areas, how they tackled the challenge, why they felt they won and the reality of being a Green councillor. Here are the green councillors in the south west.

Tess Green – Bristol

Paula Black – Devon County Council

Sarah Lunnon – Gloucestershire County Council

Tom Leimdorfer – North Somerset

Gwen Belcher – Stroud

Philip Booth – Stroud

Sarah Lunnon – Stroud

Fiona Macmillan – Stroud

John Marjoram – Stroud

Martin Whiteside – Stroud

Peter Christie – Torridge

Miranda Cox – Torridge

Alan Gorman – Totnes

Jacqui Hodgson – Totnes

Please add your comments below & thank you.