Food Inc. – post film discussion

Thank you to everyone who came to see the East Devon Green Party film screening of Food Inc. at the Broadclyst Victory Hall yesterday afternoon. We had a good turnout and lots of interesting comments afterwards. A positive reaction to the short film on local organic farming Henry commissioned which was shown beforehand.

Here’s a place to discuss the film itself, green party farming policies, the future of food production etc – please add your comments below and join in the discussion (whether you came to see the film or not).

Here’s a link to the Food Inc. website

The East Devon Green Party webpage

The Soil Association website

Food Inc Screening in Broadclyst 9th April

East Devon Green Party are screening the film Food, Inc. on Saturday 9th April 2011. The venue is the Broadclyst Victory Hall near Exeter. Entry is £2 in advance or £3 on the door & doors open at 2pm. Refreshments available afterwards, all proceeds to EDGP.

Food Inc is a 90 minute Oscar nominated film against factory farming in the USA. It encourages smaller organic farms and the production of fresh unprocessed local foods.

Any queries – please email or call Sharon on 07740973990.

More info about the film here

Back on track salad

After a couple of weeks ‘off’ my diet, and Christmas officially over – it’s time to get back on track and start counting the calories again. My salad pictured is a scrumptious way to kickstart my new year efforts to lose two and a half stone. With only 200 calories, it’s a cornucopia of fresh salad leaves, carrot, onion, garlic, red pepper, beetroot and potato salad (the majority of the calories but deliciously worth it). As well as losing weight and getting my BMI down, I’m also raising funds for the highly respected Devon Charity Devon Air Ambulance and I’m absolutely thrilled to have raised over £150 so far, thanks to some incredibly lovely and generous people. Please check out my Virgin Giving page today and even if you can only spare a pound or two – please do chip in as it all helps us get closer to the £1000 target. Thank you.



Greens back campaign against Nocton mega-dairy

The Green Party has reacted strongly to proposals to construct a 3,770-cow dairy in Lincolnshire. Nocton Dairies last month submitted proposals for a “mega-dairy” on Nocton Heath, sparking protest from animal rights and sustainability campaigners. The 38 Degrees petition opposing the plans has so far gained over 50,000 signatures, you can add your name here

North Kesteven District Councillors are due to vote on the proposals in January, after the public consultation period closes on 11th January 2011. Adrian Ramsay, deputy leader of the Green Party, said in response to the plans:

“This industrial scale dairy would be a bad move for agriculture, for animal welfare and for the environment. It will lead to the demise of smaller and more environmentally sustainable farms at a time when many farmers are already struggling to make ends meet. The Green Party has been calling for a reform of supermarket buying practices for many years so that farmers receive a fair price for their produce.”

Mr. Ramsay, who is a Green councillor in Norwich, continued:

“Grazing is natural for cows. A large number of scientific studies have shown that cows kept on pasture are healthier. With Nocton’s cows eating no fresh grass, there are major animal welfare concerns about this proposal. There are also major environmental concerns because the cows will instead be eating food grown on land that could have been used for food production for people.”

Adrian Ramsay concluded:

“The Green Party believes that cows belong in fields and will therefore campaign to ensure that this proposed ‘super’ dairy does not go ahead. We also need wider reforms of our agriculture to ensure better animal welfare and protect rural livelihoods and the countryside.”

Animal Aid & Viva are also running a campaign against the super dairy and I’ve emailed the planning authorities direct. You can object too – it takes 5 mins & needs to be done before 11th January so not long – do it today and keep the cows out of these intensive indoor units and on the fields like this happy cow below!

Eat Out Devon

I must say a huge thank you to Mike at Eat Out Devon for supporting my sponsored slim for Devon Air Ambulance. I may not be able to indulge as much as I’d like at the moment but I can always browse the Eat Out Devon for ideas when I’ve reached my target weight.

Eat Out Devon have just launched a new version of their website which promotes great places to eat all over Devon. They attract over 60,000 visitors each month and now promote special offers and whats on for all us Devon foodies together with photos and menus and reviews of over 300 Devon Pubs, Restaurants, Cafe Bars and Bistros. They also give away a meal for two every month and are launching a competition to win mini breaks in the early new year!

Great Green Cuisine

We are looking for sponsors for our south west green party cookbook. It will be made up of recipes from the 30 or so green party branches across the south west but we’re also looking for recipes from eco sponsors and local green celebs. If you own a green website, a local veggie cafe or restaurant or perhaps produce organic food or run a environmentally friendly business here in the south west, please get in touch. All we ask is a minimum donation of £50 and a recipe with the following information:

Your name, business, contact details, website etc

Add a few lines about the recipe – where it came from, why you enjoy it, how it’s best served etc. Any funny anecdotes are great too. Recipes from around the world would be great.

Title of recipe

Ingredients list


Optional – photo of you cooking, or you and your family enjoying your food. Or perhaps a snapshot of your green business, eg restaurant, farm etc

Please email your recipe (as a word doc) to – funds raised are to be split between local green party branches and will fund our European election campaign. Thank you for your support. Sharon Pavey – Coordinator for the east devon greens & south west regional fundraiser

Click here for the south west green party website

South West Greens Cookbook

Calling all masterchefs out there!! I’m compiling a cookbook/recipe book for the green party here in the south west. It’s a bit of fun, as we all know us greens like our nosh and lots of us are culinary whizzkids behind that kitchen door. We can also raise a few quid from it too if we all chip in and make it happen. We can split the profits between the regional committee (funds for the European Elections in 2014) and your own local parties. Hope you can help, it’s really quite simple, all you do is…

Think of your favourite recipe, perhaps an old favourite, something you (or a friend/relative has) invented or a delicious recipe passed down through the family. (Please do not copy from a cookbook as we could be in all sorts of trouble with copyright!)

Email me the recipe to as a word document.

Please make sure you include:

Your name

Your local green party in the south west

Add a few lines about the recipe – where it came from, why you enjoy it, how it’s best served etc. Any funny anecdotes are great too. Recipes from around the world would be great.

Title of recipe

Ingredients list


Optional – photo of you making it, or you and your family eating it.

There you go, easy as pie. If you have a favourite local veggie/vegan cafe or eatery you can recommend, please email me their details as we will be looking for sponsorship for the cookbooks.

Sharon Pavey – Coordinator for the east devon greens & south west regional fundraiser

Click here for the south west green party site

Honiton Friday Country Market

I went to the country market in Honiton on Friday. It is on every Friday in the Mackarness Hall in Honiton, next to St Paul’s Church. I bought eggs and some veggies. I hope this market gets more advertising and people attending so it can grow and develop. Maybe be more like the Ottery St Mary community market or the Farmer’s Market’s in Axminster. I think promotion is the key, and maybe changing the day to run alongside the normal market days – on Tuesday and Saturday.