Post election thanks

Election Day
Some of the members of East Devon Green Party at the count on May3rd 2013. From left Roger Saunders, me, Maggie Baldwin, Emily McIvor, Martin Paine and Henry Gent.

For those of you who weren’t at the count on Friday – this is my speech after gaining 25% of the vote in Honiton St Michael’s.

“Thank you to the returning officer and all the staff who have helped with this election both here and all across Devon. Congratulations to Cllr Randall Johnson and the other candidates on their results but most of all thank you to the 709 people who voted Green in Honiton St Michael’s. This is an incredible result in this area and just shows how much the tide is turning as people demand a fairer society to live in, a more supportive community and protection for this beautiful area we are so lucky to live in.

We must remember there were no Green Party candidates for the County Council election here 4 years ago, and today we have 6 outstanding Green Party candidates standing in East Devon, 48 Green Party candidates standing across the whole of Devon and 900 Green Party Candidates standing across the country –
more than ever before.

In Honiton St Michael’s – our team works all year round but we’ve been particularly busy for the last 4 months knocking on thousands of doors in all weathers! Lots of people have said we deserved to win for the sheer effort we have made, for the fact that we ask people about their concerns and issues and we LISTEN.

We will continue to listen and continue to build upon our success today. Thank you to the other 5 Green Party candidates in East Devon – Henry, Martin, Ben, Olly and Roger and my sincere thanks go to our amazing team – over 50 people who have worked so incredibly hard on this campaign. Particular thanks go to our election agent Kate Jones-Groves and our co-ordinator Emily McIvor and I mustn’t forget my husband Daniel and my children Natasha and Aleck.”

A Green Celebration

45102_146953605326318_146949245326754_358568_5645200_nWe’re having a bit of a knees up on Saturday 4th June from 6pm at the Mackarness Hall in Honiton. It’s to say thank you to all our members, all our supporters and all of the people who voted Green at the recent local elections. We now have two Green parish councillors here in East Devon and we did very well in the district elections so we are feeling the need to celebrate!

We have five performers lined up  to entertain us. Honiton singer/songwriter Scott Phillips (pictured below) aka The Peaceful Hooligan (previously part of Sweet Black Angels) will be kicking us off from 6pm before he dashes off to another gig Then we have solo artists Randomlea, Ella flight and Maz Totterdell (pictured above) who are part of the Crediton Rising Artists group. And Keith & David, from the South Devon Greens are coming up to entertain us again. Thanks to all our performers for giving their time & talent to support our evening.

226253_211750672181662_130304513659612_677675_1177627_sWe’ve organised a bar, and will be selling local ales and wines. The food is bring & share – simply bring a dish or two for the buffet. This usually results in a magnificent spread. All the family are welcome, children too and we ask for a £2 donation on the door to help pay for everything and replenish our funds ready to fight the next election (Devon County Council) in two years time. Please let us know if you are planning on coming so we have an idea of numbers. Thanks.

Any queries – please contact me (Sharon) on 07740973990 or


More people than ever before voted Green in East Devon on Thursday 5th May. Sharon Pavey, Green Party candidate in Honiton St Michael’s, gained the best result for the Greens, polling 676 votes, and beating all candidates except the Conservatives.

Thursday’s poll represents a huge swing to the Green Party and shows that not only are voters disillusioned with the main parties, they are also showing their support for a credible local alternative. The result is all the more impressive as the East Devon Green Party was set up just 15 months ago, and it shows that the Green Party is now a force to be reckoned with in local politics.

The Green Party won votes in seven wards across East Devon. 676 people voted for Green candidate Miriam Brown in Budleigh Salterton. The Greens came third in Seaton with Emily McIvor beating Labour and UKIP candidates and many more people showed their support by voting for Green candidates in the Tale Vale, Honiton St Paul’s, Exmouth Town and Sidmouth Rural wards.


The Green Party polled more votes than any other party except the Conservatives in Honiton St Michael’s where all eyes were on the phenomenal fight between 38 year old Sharon Pavey (left) and the three Conservative candidates. Sharon has been a breath of fresh air, working hard on the doorsteps to meet as many people as possible in her ward. Commenting on the result, Sharon Pavey said:

I would like to thank the 676 voters in Honiton St Michael’s for voting for me, a comparative newcomer to the local political scene. It has been an immensely rewarding experience to get to know the people of Honiton better, and they have inspired me to continue working on their behalf in the town. I am looking forward to joining the town council next week. We always knew it would be hard to beat the Conservatives; especially as Honiton is one of their safest areas.”

Sharon adds “I came second after the Conservatives, and, here in Honiton, we are living up to Caroline Lucas’s statement that we are now the opposition: the Party with a coherent set of policies quite different from the Conservatives. We are not happy with the cuts to public services, the efforts to dismantle our health service, sell off our forests and end access to higher education for all. People now realise that we are so much more than a Party that cares for the environment, we believe in equality and fairness and social justice.”


The Greens also polled strongly in Seaton, where Emily McIvor (left) gained an impressive 593 votes, despite this being the first time the Party has contested a local election in the town. Emily McIvor, Seaton candidate said:

Seaton’s Green voters and campaigners have made their views clear: we expect more from Tesco and other developers, and will not sit by while Councils allow inappropriate development and cuts to vital services such as the recycling centre. Seaton is a wonderful place to live, and I look forward to working with all of those who care about the town, including our elected representatives, in seeking solutions to the many problems currently faced by the town.”

Green support in East Devon is growing steadily, and the Party is now preparing for the County Council elections in two years’ time. In the coming years, local Greens hope to mirror the level of support in areas like Brighton, where the Greens hold more Council seats than any other Party. Closer to home, there are Green Councillors in Totnes, Stroud, North Somerset, Torridge, Glastonbury, Wells, Yeovil and Dartington.

Henry at polling station

East Devon Green Party press officer Henry Gent (left) commented:

The significant gains for us here, and across Britain, come hard on the heels of Green gains in Australia, Germany, and Canada. Across the globe the Green movement is gaining ground. Here in East Devon we are a small part of a great movement, and the best hope for the future of the world. We call on East Devon campaigners to join us and help build on our current success.”

Contact details:

Sharon Pavey 07740 973990

Emily McIvor 07812 354144

Bring me sunshine…and votes!

Rain, rain everywhere!
Rain, rain everywhere!

Absolutely pooped after a non-stop day knocking on hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds!) of doors in Honiton. We had blazing sunshine and torrential rain & hailstones then sun again then more rainshowers leaving us with some very soggy leaflets! Thank you to Paul and Henry for giving up half their weekend to join Team Pavey here in Honiton. Really lovely to meet so many more Honitonians and hear that so many of you will be voting Green on Thursday.

One week to go…

One of our speediest leafleters - Ana, having a well earned sit down
One of our speediest leafleters - Ana, having a well earned sit down

It is just one week now until election day and I’m sat here at my desk (consuming far too much coffee) plotting what feels like a military operation! Another stack of freshly printed campaign leaflets are due to be delivered here this morning so I’m having a break from door knocking for a couple of hours, which is actually a relief as I’ve got so much to organise for next week – more leafleting, working out shifts for tellers and last minute door knocking. Plus working it all out around the family with the help of the all important babysitters, our two wonderful Grannies.

Green supporter Penny came out to help us with leafleting
Green supporter Penny came out to help us with leafleting

This is only the second election I’ve been involved in – as a member of a political party, so it is all still quite a huge learning curve, mostly enjoyable though – a few stressful moments thrown in for good measure! The best thing about this whole campaign though, has been the support from the whole team, all our fabulous East Devon members who have repeatedly responded to my constant requests for help and support here in Honiton. We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather so far, although there were a couple of soggy days which fell on Christine & Ana’s stints, sorry ladies!

Sean is a new member in Honiton and has been a huge help to the campaign
Sean is a new member in Honiton and has been a huge help to the campaign

Anyway, can’t stop, as just popped on to post an update and to mention our campaign video – have you seen it yet? Please pass on the link to all your friends and family in the area –

And don’t forget to VOTE GREEN next Thursday!!!

Energy efficiency must be a priority, says Green Party

Tackling fuel poverty, addressing climate change and creating jobs – A win, win situation

Energy efficiency must be a priority, says Green Party

Rising unemployment and increasing fuel prices could lead to far greater fuel poverty unless more is done to invest in energy efficiency, warned the Green Party today.

Households are considered by the Government to be in fuel poverty if they have to spend more than 10% of their household income on fuel just to keep their home in a ‘satisfactory condition’. Research shows that consumers are wasting £2.5 billion because they don’t have adequate insulation – of the 26.5 million homes in the UK, just 12.3 million have sufficient loft insulation and only 10.3 million have cavity wall insulation.

The latest figures (2009-10) show that there were 23,100 additional winter deaths among people over the age of 65 in England and Wales. For every additional winter death, there are also around 8 admissions to hospital, 32 to outpatient care and 30 social services calls. The cost to the NHS has been calculated to be in excess of £1billion.

The Green Party believes that a free insulation scheme for every household that needs it is the way forward. By investing in energy efficiency, thousands of  jobs across the country could be created reducing the unemployment figures as well as improving the housing stock. Investing in energy efficiency is a win, win situation.  It helps reduce fuel poverty, tackle climate change, creates employment and generates money for the local economy.

Darren Johnson, Councillor and London Assembly Member, said, “Everyone has the right to have a warm home and be able to pay their fuel bills. Persistently cold homes contribute to misery, ill-health and social exclusion – and the fact that the UK consistently has more winter deaths than countries colder climates is an indication that we have got things wrong. We already have the technology to build zero carbon housing and this should be the standard for all new developments.”

Green Councillors are leading the way in developing energy efficiency. In Kirklees, Green Councillors delivered a project to provide free loft and cavity insulation to every house that could benefit. They are providing loans for more expensive insulation measures, loans which only have to be paid back when the property is sold again. Council officers in Kirklees calculate for every £1 that their council spent on a similar insulation scheme, a further £4 was generated in the local economy.
Published and promoted by Penny Kemp for the Green Party, both at
Development House, 56-64 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4LT.

Greens Gathering Momentum…

We apologise if there is not a Green Party candidate standing in your ward this year. Our new local branch has only been up and running for 15 months, and we are now standing seven candidates – more candidates than ever before, which isn’t bad for our first local elections! Click here to read all about them.

East Devon Greens at their AGM Jan 2011
East Devon Greens at their AGM Jan 2011

There was an active Green Party here 10-20 years ago and two Green Party district councillors (Alan Tootill and Phil Foggett) and a few committed local members have managed to stand at most elections over the past few years. Since setting up in January 2010, we have managed to stand two General Election candidates in 2010 (details here) and we now have our first two parish councillors, Emily McIvor in Axmouth and myself in Honiton.

We are attracting new members every week and hope to stand many more candidates at the next district elections in four years and Devon County Council elections in two years time. If you are interested in becoming a member, please click here and please think about standing for election yourself.

Sharon Howe (right) is our membership officer & would love to hear from you
Sharon Howe (right) is our membership officer & would love to hear from you, email

More Green Candidates in East Devon than ever before!

The East Devon Green Party are standing more candidates in the area than ever before and here they are – your opportunity to VOTE GREEN on May 5th.

Sharon Pavey - Honiton St Michael's

Sharon Pavey is a 38 year old mum of two living in Hazelwood Close in Honiton. Sharon works in a care home with elderly people who have dementia and during the school exam season she invigilates exams at Honiton Community College. Following standing for the General Election last year, Sharon is now standing in both the town and district elections for the St Michael’s ward in Honiton.

Sharon has been out and about on the doorsteps in Honiton for several weeks now meeting people and listening to their concerns. Sharon will work hard to fight cuts to our local services like the library, hospital and youth club, support our shops and businesses, encourage better public transport and improve our recycling services. Sharon is supporting the Honiton Allotment Association in finding a suitable site in town and is one of the founder members of the new Honiton Transition Town group, which aims to tackle the challenges we will all face as a result of climate change and fossil fuels running out. Sharon supports the plan for the new Community Centre and will be working hard to ensure it is the most environmentally friendly building it can be!

Sharon is part of the campaign group ‘Communities Before Developers‘ which is opposed to mass development in east Devon. Greens want more affordable housing but this must be balanced with protection on the countryside especially in an area which relies so much on this for the success of the local tourism industry.

Sharon is young, energetic and cares about her community – keep up to date with her on her blog and the East Devon Greens are on Facebook

Emily McIvor - Seaton
Emily McIvor – Seaton

Emily McIvor grew up near Axminster and now lives in Axmouth.  Emily is standing for election in Seaton because on returning to the area after living away from East Devon, she has been shocked to find planners apparently ignoring the views of residents and pushing through decisions that are unpopular and damaging.  As a member ofCommunities Before Developers, Emily is especially well-placed to monitor and challenge activities at District Council level that could continue the trend of sidelining the people of Seaton, and threatening the character of East Devon’s small towns and villages.

Emily is a passionate advocate for those on low incomes and in housing need; being against inappropriate development does not mean ignoring the difficulties experienced by households faced with lower-than-average wages and higher-than-average house prices.  Emily will work to promote housing strategies that respond to the needs of local people rather than property developers.

As former volunteer with Citizens Advice, Emily understands how District Council policies can affect the lives of individuals living in East Devon, and has experience of seeking solutions to complex problems.

Christine Tootill is standing in Honiton St Paul's
Christine Tootill - Honiton St Paul's

Christine Tootill has been a member of the Green Party for 20 years, and has lived in Devon since 1987. A former maths and piano teacher, Christine is still working as a part-time tutor and maths author. Voluntary work with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau for nine years gave Christine in-depth insight into the problems local people face. She is a supporter of local activities and businesses with strong networks in the town.

Sharon Howe - Sidmouth Rural
Sharon Howe - Sidmouth Rural

Sharon Howe is a 42-year-old freelance translator. She came to Sidmouth in 2001 to care for her elderly parents, but has since become very much rooted in the town and is a member of various local societies and organisations including the Vision Group for Sidmouth. She is keen to promote a thriving, sustainable local economy and to protect Sidmouth from large chain stores and over-development. A long-standing campaigner on animal welfare and environmental protection issues, she is also joint coordinator of Exeter Friends For Animals.

Miriam Brown - Budleigh Salterton
Miriam Brown - Budleigh Salterton

Miriam Brown is a retired nurse and secretary. She has worked voluntarily for environmental causes since the mid 1970s, and writes about poverty in the developing world and about climate. Miriam also runs a helpline for Affordable Warmth in the home. She is passionate about local issues and social justice.

Elizabeth Anstis - Tale Vale
Elizabeth Anstis - Tale Vale

Elizabeth Anstis is going head to head against the Conservative councillor Philip Skinner in the Tale Vale ward of Awliscombe, Payhembury and Broadhembury. Elizabeth says:

“I bought a house in Devon fifteen years ago, by chance in the village where my grandfather was born, so although I was born in London, I feel totally at home in this county. I have represented the Green Party for over twenty years and have fought many battles against building on green land. I feel most strongly that we should not desecrate our beautiful West Country. My priority is to stop the plans to build nearly 20,000 houses on AONB land and protected countryside.”

Paul Bennett - Exmouth Town
Paul Bennett - Exmouth Town

Paul Bennett – Paul Bennett is 42 and lives and  in East Devon and is employed locally by a national charity. Paul was born in Exeter and has supported the Green Party for 25 years. Paul is keen to ensure that young families can afford to live in East Devon and to ensure that any future development serves the need of the local community. Paul says we live in a beautiful part of the world and I want to ensure that it remains that way.

Local Election Candidates for Honiton St Michael’s

Name of Candidate Home Address Description (if any)
Names of Signatories
Proposers(+), Seconders(++) & Assentors
50 Marker Way,
Honiton, Devon,
EX14 2EN
Conservative Party
Kimbell Alan F(+)
Craig Beryl H
Lucas Angela
Chaplin Lynda M
White Stanley J
Chaplin Gordon L(++)
Lucas Richard G
Parker Nigel
Roulson Kevin G
Pentecost Carol A
17 Roundball Close,
Honiton, EX14 2NU
Independent Foster Karen(+)
Jose Jo Jo
Morgan Gemma L
Couch Philip
Bowman Deborah
Foster Karen A(++)
Burns Carol A
Morgan Scott A
Power Michael
Foster Ronald A
William Thomas Arthur
Sea View Bungalow,
Membury, Nr
Axminster, Devon,
EX13 7JT
Liberal Democrat Olive Marion R(+)
Olive Frederick C
Thompson Elizabeth M
Wigmore David L
Rideout Jane
Dyson George A(++)
Robjant Stephen G
Yuill David M
Wigmore Juliana
Waters Denis J
8 Gronau Close,
Honiton, EX14 2YT
The Labour Party
Watson Alexander J(+)
Mitchell Kevin P
Mitchell Susan A
Street John D
Eagle Clive K
Watson Carole P(++)
Cardy Mark
Groves Richard W
Graham John A
Groves John W
Eddystone, Langford
Road, Honiton,
EX14 1QA
Conservative Party
Marsh Christine E(+)
Buchanan Barry K
Dunster Elizabeth H
Jackett Elvira M
Connell Marjorie H
Patricia B(++)
Buchanan Pauline M
Pinney Kathleen M
Franks Yvonne M
Rickard Hiram D
Geoffrey Dollen
4 Cornmill Cottages,
Axminster, EX13 5XW
Liberal Democrat Dyson George A(+)
Olive Marion R
Robjant Stephen G
Wigmore David L
Rideout Jane
Yuill David M(++)
Olive Frederick C
Thompson Elizabeth M
Wigmore Juliana
Waters Denis J
59 Hazelwood Close,
Honiton, EX14 2XA
The Green Party
Pavey Daniel H(+)
Lloyd Jason
Stillwell Susan E
Pavey John G
Beigan Lisa M
Swindale Susan L(++)
Taylor Agnes O
Crew John E
Leach Emma
Beigan Peter M
John Brandon
Annexe, Beechwood,
Station Road, Feniton,
Honiton, EX14 3ED
Independent Fleming Peter(+)
Fleming Valerie
Watson Peter
Ell Alan S
Wilkins Regina C
Shorter Steven J(++)
Shorter Richmal D
Watson Patricia A
Ell Sybil J
Holtom Diane J
Swallowcliff, Beacon,
Honiton, EX14 4TT
Conservative Party
Slater Kimberly S(+)
Beament Sidney E
Lapping Judith D
Cooper Joyce A
Eastment Christine R
Grant Charles W(++)
Huggett Jeffery D
Cooper Dennis
Perryman Michelle A
Connett John T
Jonathan William
Millmead, Axmouth,
Seaton, EX12 4AE
Liberal Democrat Olive Marion R(+)
Olive Frederick C
Thompson Elizabeth M
Wigmore David L
Rideout Jane
Dyson George A(++)
Robjant Stephen G
Yuill David M
Wigmore Juliana
Waters Denis J

I’m standing for election in the Honiton St Michael’s ward – working very hard to win one of three places on East Devon District Council on May 5th. Here are all the candidates standing in Honiton St Michael’s. I had added some info about all of them but I have been told this could be interpreted as me undermining their campaigns, so I’ve deleted it all. Probably can’t accept any comments on the candidates either as that could also be misconstrued in the same way. I’m afraid you’ll all have to do your googling yourselves or hope you get some info through your door, maybe?

Sharon Pavey – The Green Party – this is me. I’m 38, a mum of two (age 9 and 5). I live in the heart of St Michael’s, I work as a care assistant and during the exam season, I’m also an exam invigilator at Honiton Community College. I’m co-ordinator for the East Devon Green Party and I’m on the regional committee for the South West Green Party. I’ve recently become a town councillor in Honiton. My politics is driven by my family. I simply want a better world for my children to grow up in. I want to be a part of a caring, thriving local community which works to make Honiton an enjoyable place to live, work and learn. Click here to find out more about me. I’m also on Facebook and twitter.

David Foster – Independent.

John Brandon Taylor – Independent.

Jonathan William  Underwood – Liberal Democrat.

Geoffrey Dollen Hucklebridge – Liberal Democrat.

William Thomas Arthur Foster – Liberal Democrat.

Susan Groves – The Labour Party.

Peter Halse – Conservative Party.

Mike Allen – Conservative Party.

Phil Twiss – Conservative Party.

More Green Party candidates in local elections in the South West than ever before!

Great news – there will be more Green Party candidates in the local elections in the South West than ever before!

We’re aiming to double the number of Green principal authority councillors over the next 3 years, and with your help that can be achieved. We are fielding 237 candidates in around one-fifth of the available seats. There are Green full slates in Bristol and Exeter, and Sam Moss is our mayoral candidate in Torbay. There are also many Green Party parish and town council candidates across the South West, with more than any other party in Stroud and Glastonbury Town Council elections.

South West Green Party