No Glory in War

redwhitepoppies“Come each November over the next four years, let the red poppy and the white poppy be worn together to honour those who died, to keep our faith with them, to make of this world a place where freedom and peace can reign together.”

This is from a very moving article by Michael Morpugo who was one of the first signatories of the No Glory Open Letter. He gave a reading at the initial launch of the No Glory campaign in May 2013. Add your name to the No Glory Open Letter here…

Will Devon County Councillors protect badgers?


The badger debate comes to Devon….as Devon County Council have to decide whether to allow culling on their land. There was a cabinet meeting yesterday which Ottery St Mary Councillor Claire Wright has reported back on in her blog

Labour Councillor Jill Owen (St David’s & St James – Exeter) proposed a motion to prevent badger culling on Devon County Council land arguing that the badger cull was ineffective and lacking in evidence, as well as inhumane. She proposed looking into alternatives such as vaccination instead. The cabinet was presented with a 6,000 name petition from 38 Degrees and various councillors spoke in favour of the motion.

Claire says “Devon County Council conservative leader John Hart has deferred the debate until the full council meets on Thursday 20 February. There were some brief speeches of support from opposing groups. Cllr Owen spoke, as well as Cllr Andy Hannon (Labour – Priory St Leonards Exeter) and Robert Vint (Green Party – Totnes) and I also said a few words in favour of the motion. You can pick up the webcast of the cabinet meeting this morning here. It should be available shortly –

Greens on course to make big gains in County Elections

County Hall group photo

As their membership continues to grow across the County, the Green Party in Devon are campaigning hard to gain seats in the County Council elections next May. Devon Greens will be standing a record number of candidates, allowing more people than ever the chance to vote Green in 2013.

Green Party members are currently developing a Devon-wide manifesto that will offer fresh and realistic approaches on issues such as public services, the local economy, energy, planning, waste management and transport.

There are currently nine local Green Parties operating across Devon, who promote and deliver Green Party policies via their elected Town, Parish and District Councillors and hard working members and supporters.

Town Councillor Katie Reville is the Green Party Prospective Candidate for Ivybridge: “I recognise that the role of County Councillor comes with great responsibilities such as social care and education but also with great opportunities to influence how Devon develops into the future. I will bring energy, enthusiasm and initiative to the County Council and am proud to be giving my local residents the chance to vote Green.”

Andrew Bell, who achieved 20% of the vote in the Exeter City Council elections earlier this year, will be standing for the County Council in Exeter St David’s and St James: “As people become aware of the dreadful reality and outcomes of Tory policy; as the Lib Dem vote collapses and people realise Labour have nothing new to offer, the Green Party offers a real alternative. We know we can win seats in Devon and bring a much needed distinctive and common sense approach to Devon County Council.”

Sharon Pavey joined Honiton Town Council in May 2011 and has been selected to stand in Honiton St Michael’s: “The East Devon Green Party came second to the Tories in Honiton in the District Council elections last year. Greens are the opposition in Honiton and with support constantly growing, we are confident of a breakthrough very soon.”

To find out more about your local Green Party please visit

Are you coming for a dip?

Beautiful Branscombe beach on a sunny day last summer
Beautiful Branscombe beach on a sunny day last summer

So……..we went over to Branscombe earlier this afternoon. As soon as we got there it started pouring down then sunshine, then rain (you know what it’s like at the moment)! Got out the car and it was quite cold, really windy and the sea quite grey and choppy – certainly too choppy for two little uns who’ve never swam in the sea before. We like to go swimming in a lovely local river when it’s a hot day….so fingers crossed for the school hols coming up in just three weeks.  We’d go to the local swimming pool more often but don’t have spare cash for such luxuries and it’s not cheap for all four of us.

Anyway we prefer the river whenever it’s hot as we get to share it with kingfishers and dragonflies and the kids love the little fishes nibbling their feet. I went swimming with a friend one day last summer and we shared our swim with a very dignified and graceful swan. We all respected each other’s space and she was as curious of us as we were of her. It was quite a magical swim actually.

There’s a good website for anyone who likes swimming outdoors but our secret east Devon swimming place isn’t listed on here. I’m happy to let you in on the secret if you know of anywhere nearby that’s good to swim in and nice and safe for children, we can swap wild swimming info!

Natasha in the river swimming in east Devon last summer
Natasha in the river swimming in east Devon last summer

Tuesday 15th November ‘What Shall We Do About Christmas?’

An ideas workshop on alternatives to shopping, stress and consumerism  at Christmas time. Transition Exeter will be exploring solutions to the pressures we feel amongst the Christmas consumerism and look at alternative ways to enjoy the Christmas season. On Tuesday 15th of November  6.45pm (teas) for a 7.00pm start.   Upstairs at Friend’s Meeting House, Wynard’s Lane, Magdalen St., Devon EX2 4HU. Contact: Penny 07811409954

Honiton making the Transition…

The first Honiton Transition Town meeting takes place at 7.30pm on Wednesday 28th September at Montgomery’s on the High Street (next to Ganesha Health Food Shop). We will have representatives from other local transition towns and hopefully a bunch of interested, enthusiastic local people.

We will be discussing the possibility of starting our own transition group and the way forward. I will be chairing the meeting and representing the town council, who agreed to support such an initiative earlier this year. Please add a comment below if you are able to attend, so we have an idea of how many people are coming and most importantly please pass on a link to this page to anyone who you thing might be interested. Montgomery’s is very kindly giving us this meeting space free of charge, so it would be nice if everyone bought a drink or two in order to support this local business which is kindly supporting us!

A Transition Initiative (which could be a town, village, university or island etc) is a community-led response to the pressures of climate change, fossil fuel depletion and increasingly, economic contraction. For more info on the transition network, see

Rambling Roundup

Been a busy few weeks, hence the neglect of my blog. Lots going on at the moment – feel a list coming on…..

1. End of term today – kids very tired but excited about summer hols.

2. Finished my job as a care assistant last night – after almost a year there. Will miss the dears dearly 🙁

3. Started new job – am now a ‘support worker’. Extremely pleased, settling in well 🙂

4. Been a town councillor nearly three months now – right decision, learning lots, SO much potential.

5. Getting involved with fundraising for the new Honiton Community Centre.

6. Getting stuck into recycling – working hard to improve this in Honiton.

7. Planning the first Honiton Transition Town meeting for September.

8. Looking forward to doing a Green Party stall at Ottery Community Market on Sat 30th July.

9. Also doing a Green Party stall at the opening of the new cycle bridge in Ottery on Bank Holiday – 29th August.

10. And booked into the Ottery St Mary Environmental Day in September.

11. Will be raising funds for the European Election campaign at the Exeter Green Fair on Sat 10th September

12. The Exe Factor green gig is now booked for Sat October 8th.

13. Honiton Charter Day tomorrow, then the Honiton Show on August 4th.

14. ……..and still haven’t managed to have a game of tennis yet this year even after the babolat tennis rackets sale I went to and overshopped at  – pants 🙁

Waste Not in Devon!

The Issues and Options Consultation is the first formal public consultation stage of the Waste Core Strategy. The Issues and Options Consultation Report highlights the main waste planning issues facing Devon and the potential options for addressing them. It is vital that members of the public and interested organisations provide their views during the consultation in order that the County Council can develop the direction of the Strategy accordingly.

The Issues and Options Consultation Report is being published on 28 April 2011, with the consultation period extending to 21 July 2011. The Consultation Report, together with supporting documents, will be available from 28 April on the County Council’s online consultation facility, which allows responses to be submitted easily online.

Greens demand safer roads in Honiton


Honiton Green Candidate Sharon Pavey is demanding that the town makes it’s roads safer for children and other pedestrians.

The East Devon Green Party recently surveyed 200 people in Honiton and 70% said they think cars drive too fast in Honiton. A substantial 67% of Honitonians were in favour of introducing some 20 mph zones in town. The Greens think that 20 mph zones should be in place outside our schools and parks including the Brand Meadow park on Battishorne Way.

Currently families are unable to cross Battishorne Way safely to get the new Brand Meadow nature reserve and play park. Sharon uses the park regularly with her two children aged nine and five and also crosses there to walk her dog on Roundball Hill.

Sharon says “It’s such a wonderful children’s park but such a shame you have to cross a dangerous road to get to it. I believe a crossing has been looked into for the past couple of years and that now recent cuts mean a delay in getting anything done about it. Surely safe access should have been in place when the park was opened!”

Drivers regularly speed along Battishorne Way at much more than the 30mph speed limit and with so many people crossing at Honiton Bottom Road to use the park, the nature reserve or Roundball Hill, there may well be an accident there sooner or later. It would be sensible to have a crossing there or speed cameras and traffic calming measures”

Results of the resident’s surveys also highlighted the need for a safe crossing on New Street, and a 20mph zone outside Littletown and Millwater Schools. Residents also commented that the Exeter Road roundabout near Sidmouth Road was a dangerous place to cross as cars exceeded the 30mph speed limit on the Exeter Road.

The Honiton Greens are happy to take up these issues at council level if elected in May. Sharon adds “With 42 children killed or injured on our UK roads every single day, road safety is a top priority for the Honiton Greens.”



ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) 42 children are killed or injured on the road every day in Britain

Photo above – Sharon Pavey. Photo at the top is Natasha and Aleck Pavey waiting to cross a very busy Battishorne Road next to the park

Greens Highlight Care Concerns

The East Devon Green Party were shocked to hear figures out last week showing that more than 650 elderly residents have died of dehydration in the past five years in Britain’s care homes. A further 157 care home residents died of malnutrition and almost 2,000 pensioners were killed by superbugs.

The Office for National Statistics found that 1,446 care home residents died as a result of pressure ulcers or bedsores, 4,866 were victims of septicaemia or blood poisoning and 4,881 had fatal falls. These deaths are happening in care homes which cost on average £600 – £800 per week.

38 year old Green Party area co-ordinator and Green candidate for Honiton, Sharon Pavey works as a care assistant in a residential home specialising in caring for elderly people with dementia. She described these figures as “simply shameful” adding “It is appalling that thousands of people have been and are still being neglected in this way. Our elderly relatives are dying every day in the UK because basic levels of care are not being given, and we are asking why?”

Sidmouth Green Party member Sharon Howe was also shocked by the figures “My Mum spent several years in three very good care homes in Sidmouth so this subject is close to my heart. I have a friend who recently worked in a very prestigious care home in Devon and was totally appalled at the way residents were treated. Care in this country obviously varies a great deal from home to home.”

Tony Smith Chair of Honiton Senior Council is concerned about the standards of care locally “There are a number of care homes in the Honiton area, and I’m sure some of them are very good but we are worried about these figures showing that our elderly population is being let down”.

Mr Smith explained that the Senior Council would like to see a survey done locally in order to establish the levels of care and highlight any concerns which can then be addressed.

The East Devon Green Party would like to hear your views on caring for the elderly or any other issues which affect you. They are holding a coffee morning at the Christ Church Hall in Exmouth on Saturday 19th February from 10am until midday. For anyone in the Honiton area, there’s a Green Party fundraising skittles night on Wednesday 23rd February at The Heathfield Inn from 8pm. Non-members welcome, tickets are £6 from Sharon Pavey Tel: 07740973990 or